Paul Mampilly Has A Lifetime Of Finding Financial Winners

An insider’s edge and knowledge of the stock markets can be a major game changer when creating a winning stock portfolio. Whether it comes from a keen eye for the emotional upheavals that can sway stocks up or down, emerging technology that will forge the “next big thing” or other unknown edges one company may have over its competition, there’s a lot to be said for researching and studying the new players of the stock market game.

While useful, few people have the time, money, or inclination to study the hidden realms of Wall Street, especially when working a regular, 9-5 job and investing on the side. That is why stock market experts like Paul Mampilly can make a bright career in their post-retirement years writing and advising the non-stockbrokers of the world on their best investment strategies.

Paul Mampilly worked in Wall Street and investments for many years. He started with Deutsche Asset Management and ING, then, during his 25-year career, he went on to become a money manager for top banks around the world. He helped guide investments into lucrative hedge funds, such as the Kinetics International Fund, which outperformed the average even during tough economic times. He even won the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment competition.

Yet in his 40s he decided he wanted to spend more time with his family. He retired, and became a writer and senior editor at The Sovereign Society and other investment journals dedicated to helping the average American, not the wealthy elite. He is also the editor and founder of Profits Unlimited, a journal with 60,000 subscribers who use his writings and those of his journalist team to find sustainable means of investment wealth for the American middle class. As a mark of his knowledge and dedication, he has been invited to speak on financial matters for major news networks like CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg.

All of his success has not come without an equal amount of hard work. Paul Mampilly often spends several hours a day researching companies to select the likeliest winners in business to turn his subscribers into winners too.

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