Dr. Clay Siegall & His Advanements in Cancer Research

Are you interested in cancer research? Have you been affected by cancer in some form or fashion? If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably been affected by this disease either directly or indirectly. Millions of people have lost their lives fighting this dangerous disease, but the 21st century has introduced some of the best cancer-fighting medications to date. Gone are the days of amputations and radical surgeries. This new wave of medications are targeted in a sense, and they are able to destroy cancer cells without harming any of the good cells in the body. This is where Dr. Clay Siegall comes into the picture, and he has grown into an industry-icon.

President, Founder and CEO is only a few of Dr. Clay Siegall’s titles. Seattle Genetics is his biotech-oncology company, and it is a leader of the field. Siegall started his career well-over 30 years ago. One of his first high-profile positions came via Senior Research Investigator for Bristol Myers Squibb. In addition to that, he has worked with the all-exclusive National Institute of Health. Seattle Genetics was founded back in 1998, and it has grown dramatically throughout the years. The company specializes in the development and in the commercialization of antibody-drug conjugates. These are some of the most technologically advanced medications for fighting cancer, and they have saved lives at a much higher rate than previous cancer medications. Siegall spends a lot of time developing the drugs, which provides great assurance for the patients in the end.

This company earns money in multiple ways such as the selling of its own proprietary drugs, through production partnerships as well as from the licensing of its technologies. The future is looking mighty bright for Seattle Genetics, for Dr. Clay Siegall and for cancer patients that are located around the world.

Betsy Devos Had a Bear Start But is Ready to Plant Her Political Seeds

Some people do not know Betsy DeVos, but she is a powerful woman. She was given a very high position in President Trump’s administration, and most people did not recognize this woman who seems to not have much background in public education.


In fact, it seems that Betsy DeVos is known for her fortune so much so that it is hard to see where she ends and her fortune begins. Her money has been a big part of Betsy’s identity; she’s used her funds to introduce her ideas in her home state of Michigan.


It was her immense command of her fortune that gave her the opportunity to champion school choice and the charter school program that she built in Michigan. It was her biggest political win that taught her she had the power to do much more.


Betsy DeVos donated an immense amount of money to Trump’s presidential run. She saw an opportunity to work the agenda that has proven successful in Michigan on a national level. She wants to push the idea of school vouchers and charter schools. Granted, this has hurt many poor neighborhoods in Michigan, but it has given parents the chance to send their kids to private schools and religious schools, which seems to be what matters.


DeVos probably thought she was going to be given some access to the President to discuss her ideas, but it seemed that Trump was impressed by her drive, reputation, and her ability to further her cause.


Mike Cox, a Republican and former state attorney general, said that Betsy was a very determined leader. She might not have been trained in politics, but she had certainly learned a thing or two. Perhaps it was her ability to adapt, use her money, and get her way that attracted Trump to Betsy in the first place.


Some people may underestimate her due to her inexperience while others might do it due to her demeanor, but it seems that she is fierce when she needs to be, which is the kind of person Trump likes. The American people and the US Congress were given the chance to meet her during the congressional hearing where her future in the White House was going to be decided. One would think that she’d prepare but that was not the case.


Obviously, DeVos was not prepared for the series of questions asked. The exchange of words between Betsy and congress became infamous when the questions focused on guns in schools. DeVos believes that having armed teachers is a good idea, especially on campuses where they are terrorized by grizzly bears. No one knew what she was referring to, but it was obvious that school-hating grizzly bears were not a real problem, so her defense for guns fell apart. Needless to say, many comedians and late night TV hosts took a few jabs at her and her unfortunate comment about grizzly bears.


Mrs. DeVos is an accomplished woman of 59 who was able to change the educational system in her home state. She has been instrumental in advancing the Christian perspective all around the world, and she continues to donate to those less fortunate than her. All of her accomplishments were buried after she mentioned that grizzly bears attack school campuses. Still, she was confirmed as the Secretary of Education for the US even though most people did not like her. Betsy hopes to further her agenda and learn more about public education as she progresses in this administration.


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