Meet The Legendary Media Personality, Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a successful entrepreneur and a media personality. He has held various leading positions in local and international radio stations. Ryan Seacrest also has extensive working experience in local and international organizations, having held the topmost positions in the industry.

Radio and TV Shows

He is the host of the trending singing competition, The American Idol. Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is the executive producer and the co-host of the Live with Kelly and Ryan morning talk show. He is also the host and executive producer of an annual New Year program for the ABC. Ryan, the host of the E!Live from The Red Carpet and a talk show for the iHeartMedia.

He is the founder of Ryan Seacrest Production, an entertainment and production company. The company received an Emmy Award for its exemplary performance in the entertainment industry. RSP is the producer of the trending TV series, Keeping Up With Kardashians and The Red Carpet award shows. The Insatiable which features in Netflix and the Shades of Blue is also among its productions. The Shades of Blue is a drama series featuring Jenifer Lopez. RSP is also the producer of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. This is a reality TV series and an Emmy award winner.


Host Ryan Seacrest is a man given to charity with his resources geared to help and empower the youths. His contributions have a notable impact on the lives of many Americans. He is the founder and chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). The foundation seeks to establish media centers in pediatric hospitals all over America. Ryan is a board member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts. Also, he is the chairperson of the Grammy Foundation.

More Information

Ryan Seacrest is a trader of menswear his brand being the Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The collection is available at Macy’s. He also has a skin care line for men working together with Dr. Harold, a renowned dermatologist. He also has an outstanding relationship with Ford and Coca-cola.

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Jason Hope loves biotechnology research

There is a long list of old age diseases that affect human beings. As we grow old, we tend to develop old age diseases. Some of the common old age diseases include cancer, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. The weakness of the body immunity causes these diseases. As we grow old, the body becomes weak, and we are unable to do most of the tasks we could do at a younger age. The old age is turning out to be a miserable time for many people. People are dying in pain after suffering for a long time. How can we prevent such things from happening? There is a lot that we can do to keep ourselves safe from these diseases, but the biggest problems are that these diseases will keep on recurring because the available solutions only address the symptoms.


Human beings need to come up with a better solution. An anti-aging drug is the only solution that can get s closer to victory. Such a drug will eliminate the challenges caused by aging. The only way to do away with aging is finding a drug that will reverse the causes of aging. That drug is currently not available and can only be developed.

About Jason Hope

There is ongoing research by a group called SENS Research Foundation. This organization is looking for a solution that can solve the puzzle involved in aging. It is in the advanced stages of developing an anti-aging drug. This drug will reverse the aging process and make human beings live long healthy lives. This organization is a non-profit one and therefore it depends on the goodwill of philanthropist to support their work.

One person who believes that the work of this organization is great is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is a philanthropist who loves technological innovations, for many years. He has been supporting technological innovations which he believes have a great impact on the people. Jason Hope has donated $500,000 to this organization to help to develop the drug. He believes the biotechnological research could offer the much-needed solution that will eliminate the old age diseases from the earth. Read more on

Paul Mampilly Talks About the Rise of the Artificial Intelligence Stocks

Experience is important especially when you’re an entrepreneur. As an experienced investor, you should be knowledgeable about how the various business sectors operate. Entrepreneurs such as Paul Mampilly have been offering investment advice to emerging entrepreneurs.

Scientists have come up with Artificial Intelligence. This form of technology is across different sectors. Mampilly has interacted with Artificial Intelligence for some time now. After purchasing a product on Amazon, he sees ads of the same products while browsing through other sites. The benefits of using artificial intelligence have also been noticeable over the years. Additionally, business entities that have utilized Artificial Intelligence are always a step ahead of their competitors.

Paul Mampilly Talks about Artificial Intelligence

You may learn more about Artificial Intelligence through a video that Paul Mampilly released recently. In the video, Mampilly talked about the applications of Artificial Intelligence. Mampilly also talks about the headlines that he has come across pertaining to the applications of Artificial Intelligence. He spoke of how facial recognition software was used to capture a suspect who was in a crowd of 60,000 people. A team of police officers may have accomplished this task, nevertheless, they would have taken a lot of time.

The facial recognition software made use of pattern recognition and other forms of data to identify the suspect. Paul Mampilly also stated that if this form of technology was present in 2001, the terrorist attack that took place in September 11th might have been prevented. The authorities would have made use of Artificial Intelligence to identify the terrorists. It is now noticeable that Artificial Intelligence harbors many benefits.

Mampilly’s Belief

Artificial Intelligence is bringing forth a lot of change. With time, many businesses will endorse Artificial Intelligence. Some of the companies that have deployed Artificial Intelligence have experienced higher profit margins. Eventually, Artificial Intelligence stocks will incur significant rises. Paul Mampilly is confident that the use of Artificial Intelligence will rise significantly in future. He has presented substantial evidence to support these claims. Investors will now heed to Mampilly’s investment advice after listening to what he said in the video.

Stream Energy’s Pursuit of Caring for the People of Dallas

Hurricane Harvey packed a powerful punch. Many were left homeless and without daily necessities like food, water, and even clothing. Life disrupted is putting it lightly. Stream Energy rose to the occasion and jumped in to help immediately following the disaster. The Dallas-based energy company has now fully launched their foundation, the Stream Cares Foundation.

Homelessness is the ultimate in a frightening experience, but residents were displaced as a result of the storm. With nowhere to go and a lack of supplies, Stream Energy combined their efforts with the Hope Supply Company to help. As a successful energy business, Stream Energy was able to give back not only to the local community, but they were giving back to their very own customers. To say that it was a pleasure to help these displaced residents is putting it lightly.

The energy company was now one of the first to fund the recovery efforts. It was reminiscent of all that the company entails, especially when it comes to giving back. Several large corporations in Dallas have made philanthropy a vital part of their DNA.

The Stream Cares Foundation isn’t just limited to Dallas. The idea for the company was to give back. The company has been involved in giving generously for a number of years, but the devastation from Hurricane Harvey was an opportunity for them to shine a light on this growing mission. It’s so much more than money as far as The Stream Cares Foundation is concerned.

Volunteering their time and effort is what it’s all about. The money is helpful when it comes to purchasing supplies and other needed items, but in the eyes of displaced residents, it was clear that caring for others was the primary effort.

Earning money is great, but for Stream Energy, it’s great if they are able to earn the respect and loyalty of the community of Dallas. Connecting with people on a personal level makes it possible for them to share light in their fullest capacity. It’s safe to say that Stream Energy knows how to build long-term relationships.

Hussain Sajwani Successful Journey in DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is highly recognized as one of the leading real estate investors in Dubai. He is both the chairman and the founder of DAMAC properties. He ventured in business after he graduated from the University of Washington where he attained a degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. He started with a catering industrial that he has grown and developed into a trans-regional leader. This catering company runs over 200 projects that serve over 150000 meals every day in markets such as the Middle East, CIS, and Africa. In his discussion on how he got the idea of the famous DAMAC properties, he stated he grew up serving in his family business after school. He began when he was at a very tender age. He attained tremendous experience that nurtured his entrepreneurial interests and skills.

He also affirmed that he sold time-share apartments while he was still studying at the University of Washington in the United States. This is an indication that his character as a risk taker started way back. This was meant to serve as the startup capital for his business. After working under someone two years, he discovered that he had more potential and he could make even more money working for himself. His interest and desire towards real estate business consistently grew. This is what triggered him in starting his own real estate firm. He started by developing small hotels which attained incredible success and enabled him to fund his substantial business ideas of establishing towers in some of the most prime regions in Dubai.

Hussain Sajwani and his executive team, of managers, welcome every day and get fresh and latest updates of the direction of his entire projects. Sajwani is also highly committed to meeting new business partners. This helps him to grow and expand his network incredibly in fueling other new projects. By founding DAMAC properties, Hussain (@hussainsajwani) has managed to strengthen his vision for the future of Dubai. He has a forecast of how it will be like in 10-20 years down the line. He also noted that he always calculate the risk involved and he always does his best to turn any idea into reality whenever he feels that something has a high probability of success.

Sajwani’s YouTube Channel:

A Glimpse Into The Life Of The Grammy Awards Winners The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall – one-half of the Grammy-winning duo Chainsmokers – fiddled with Disc Jokeying as he grew up as a hobby. He started playing here and there in New York City and slowly the side gig turned into something he really cared about. It was while visiting an art gallery that he realized it was time to get serious. His manager then introduced him to Drew (Andrew Taggart) and they immediately connected. Alex resigned from his regular job and started working full time creating music, which is internationally acclaimed now.

Being primarily DJs, it was surprising when they came out with their hit single Closer with Andrew singing along with Halsey. Alex always wanted to create a unique brand around their music band and didn’t want to be limited by the stereotype of being just DJ.

Their songs have a personal touch too- and it is because they are way more involved in the songwriting process than their counterparts. Some songs are completely authored by the duo, inspired by their own lives, some are guided by them. But they have stressed time and again that being present while the songs are written is what makes them stand out as personal and unique to the style of Chainsmokers.

With social media connecting stars to the fans directly, Alex Pall takes pride in the fact that their music has such a wide international presence. While initially, Chainsmokers targetted college-goers, now they seem to be appealing to a wider range of demographic – pre-teens to mid-adults alike while also appealing to both the girls and the boys. It is really satisfying for them that the music that they are creating is transcending borders, age, and gender.

As with their music, they are also very particular to create a unique show when they play live. With the song Selfie, they started touring worldwide, and have done that couple of times since. The duo goes to great lengths to ensure each of their shows bring something innovative and thrilling for the audience. They have put out festivals which consist of a curated show, also sprinkling short acts in between to take it a notch above. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart believe it is all about pushing the boundaries to stay relevant.

The History of Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and His Many Successes

In 1979, Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade began his journey in the automotive business. He founded the CAOA, and soon began managing a Ford dealership. Until year 1992, Brazil was not entitled by law to import vehicles. Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and his organization the CAOA started importing Renault brand vehicles, which went on to become the number one selling brand in the imported segment. The CAOA group went on to house big names like Subaru and Hyundai and became the largest Ford dealer in all of Latin America. By 2007, the group had launched the first Hyundai Factory in Brazil. Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was well known and a man of many accomplishments. He was named “Entrepreneur of the year in industry.”

The Hyundai factory was recognized for other good deeds such as it’s participation in the reforestation of the Midwest and was recognized for being the most admired. Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade always put his consumers wants and needs first and the result was Hyundai’s success in Brazil. It came as no surprise that when Hyundai took off and became a prominent name for the people of Brazil, so did production. The Santa Fe was ranked one of the most popular and had evolved drastically over a period of a few years, winning over the satisfaction of the customer. The CAOA began to broaden their horizons and branch out further into the world of investing. They decided to take a leap and invest a whopping $131 million into the Center for Research and Energy Efficiency resulting in being the most energy efficient factory in all of Latin America. The center conducts analysis’ on vehicles and engines as well as (but not limited to) fuel research. These investments in modern technology have created an advanced quality of their products. The CAOA is still being recognized today for its strength, highly trained team and customer service. It does not go without saying that Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade built a legacy that will have forever brought benefits to the country of Brazil.

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The Achievements of Nick Vertucci, Founder of NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA)

Nick Vertucci is a real estate guru who developed the Fortuned in Flipping method. As a real estate agent, he educates others on methods of selling, refurbishing, and buying of property. He started in this field in the 2000s when his computer parts business failed due to the dot-com crash that wrecked most businesses throwing him into financial strains. He faced some challenges as a child since he was born into a middle-class family. At the age eight years old, His father died, and his mother had to take over responsibilities of raising the family alone. At 18 years he was facing financial difficulties which he later turned into success. Nick Vertucci is also a host of the Real Estate Investing Hour show on KFWB News Talk 180, where he describes the methods of his Fortunes in Flipping Kit. He hosts three to four-day workshops all across the United States where he outlines and teaches people his strategies and how he has been able to manage his funds and assets. He also does this through guiding programs, and online lectures and videos.

Nick Vertucci leaned of real estate business through a friend who invited him to a three-day seminar 18 months after the dot-com crash. This was the beginning of his success, and it inspired Nick to use his knowledge in real estate to enlighten others how to become successful in the industry. He founded the NV Real Estate Academy and became its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Here, he provides customers with a wide range of knowledge and assets to build their real estate businesses and careers. Several services are taught at the NV Real Estate Academy, these include asset protection, wholesaling and flipping contracts, buying and holding properties for long time cash flows, commercial investments leveraging of 401K and IRA. Here students are also taught the challenges of the industry and how to tackle them head-on.

Nick Vertucci has hired a team of passionate professionals to deliver a simplified method of success in real estate at his academy to teach the students. He founded the organization to help people become their own bosses and achieve unimaginable heights of success. Through this firm, hundreds of people have realized success and magnified their income as well as revolutionize their personal lives. His organization joined the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy. This organization ensures that its members respond to customer complaints accordingly and work with the customer to fix their issues.

Steve Ritchie Cares A Lot

Steve Ritchie, the CEO of Papa Johns, cares very much about people who work on all levels of his business. The amount of care that he has for all of his employees rivals that of many other CEOs. Unfortunately, many companies are notorious for not caring about their workers. However, Steve Ritchie is not one of those CEOs.

Because he cares so much, Steve Ritchie has traveled all around the United States, speaking to franchisees and team members about various issues. He went to locations in Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago Atlanta and Dallas. The people who work for Papa Johns are the one who make it what it is. That is why he decided to speak to them. Of course, he went to different regions of the country because people from each region tend to have their own unique perspective on things. It helps to hear the perspectives of people from various locations and regions because of the fact that it gives a more well-rounded wealth of information to make judgments from.

This wealth of information helps Steve Ritchie to make better judgments about what business moves to make and what policies to put into place. He listened to all kinds of stories—stories about interactions with customers, positive experiences, negative experiences and the experiences of dealing with various charities. These were not the easiest conversations to hold, but he had to have them for the well-being of the business. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s wants to maintain and enhance the quality of the products that Papa Johns offers. He also wants to maintain and improve conditions for workers and patrons. It was an exciting move or him because he got to hear the concerns of employees all over the United States. He is very considerate about how he treats everyone who walks into and/or works for his business.

He was happy to hear that the people who work for Papa Johns are generally committed to the company’s goal of bringing the best products to customers and providing the best services. Read this post about Ritchie’s apology letter.

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