Aloha Construction Is Lake Zurich’s Superstar General Contracting Team

Aloha Construction is the trusted source that people in Illinois and also the southern region of Wisconsin go to whenever they need top-notch customer service in the areas of general contracting, roofing and siding. Aloha Construction has also recently started up a branch that focuses purely on the area of renovation and restoration. This brand has been dubbed as Aloha Restoration.


Aloha Construction makes its home base out of the Illinois municipality of Lake Zurich. The company was founded as a family operation and it continues to operate in this manner. The expert contractors at Aloha Construction are all highly trained, certified, licensed and insured and the company’s commitment to total service is well documented.


The 2017 calendar year was a particularly notable and successful one for Lake Zurich’s Aloha Construction. The company has followed this up by having an outstanding year so far during the 201 campaign. These successes are due to the fact that the Aloha Construction team is comprised of contracting specialists and the company is committed to excelling in different parts of the construction profession. The Aloha Construction team is noted for its efficiency and its ability to work as a cohesive unit. The company’s roofing team are all bonded and can quickly take care of jobs for customers that range from shingles, general roofing and other related types of work such as attic ventilation.


When a homeowner is looking for a contractor to hire for a job, it is critical that they choose a company that can get the job done well and get it done on time. Going with a company like Aloha Construction is always a sure bet because the firm is committed to producing the results that its customers require. This commitment to the communities that it serves has made Aloha Construction a trusted name.

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