Education Secretary Betsy Devos

When President Trump rescinded the federal policy allowing transgender scholars to use the college bathrooms that correlated to their gender identities, many people mistakenly thought that the education secretary Betsy DeVos would be a meek player. Despite her many efforts to resist the move, she couldn’t sway a powerful administration that was set on denying transgender bathroom access.


But people who know the real Betsy DeVos realize that she isn’t going to give up that easily. As a powerful billionaire with a relentless personality, she will work diligently toward change even if the process consists of stirring up the Trump Administration.


The effective political fighter is not a stranger to adversity. Since she is a leading supporter of charter schools, she is used to going against the ideas of the masses.


For the past thirty years, DeVos tried to steer tax dollars to charter schools instead of public schools. She has also fought for public funded vouchers that could be used for private schools.


These widely-known initiatives have been scrutinized by her opponents. Many people believe that funding charter schools is not a good use of tax dollars. Opponents think that such initiatives only undermine public education by stripping the system of its much needed resources.


Even though many people are against her charter school initiatives, DeVos is not letting that stop her. As soon as she was elected secretary of education, she sought to set up meetings with prominent leaders of two well-known teacher’s unions.


Not long after those meetings, she visited a charter school in Miami with popular rapper Pitbull. While visiting this charter school that Pitbull founded, she was supporting her commitment to making school-choice expansion a big priority.


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During her time in Florida, she also visited other education establishments including a private Christian school and a couple of institutions for higher education. After visiting these schools, it’s clear that she will fight for private education for low-income families regardless of the massive challenges.


Even in the face of setback, there is no doubt that DeVos will continue to fight for transgender rights. Because of her uncanny ability to overcome adversity, she will have an edge in the Trump Administration.


Betsy DeVos may be politically polite, but that shouldn’t fool the people who know her as a fighter who never gives up. Due to her relentless attitude, people should expect to see a significant improvement regarding transgender rights in the future.

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