Steve Ritchie Talks about his Success in Business

The CEO of Papa John’s values effective communication among all the stakeholders of the organization and that has contributed positively to its growth. Recently, some customers expressed their disappointment in the pizza brand. Steve Ritchie wrote a letter to various stakeholders including the customers. He outlined the measures that Papa John’s would take to restore its lost glory in the last few months. One of the main objectives of the firm’s management would be to increase the sales volumes of its products.

As at July this year, the organization’s North American plant recorded a 6.1% decline in its sales. The leadership team was trained on unconscious bias and this program is scheduled to be rolled out to the other parts of the country. According to him, a cultural audit was also being conducted where the recommendations from the exercise would be implemented in all the departments in the company.

Steve Ritchie disclosed that he was accompanied by other top officials at Papa John’s to visit several places in the nation. The aim of the traveling was to meet the other team members and franchisees to discuss the measures that they would take to ensure continuous improvement in the brand’s operations. According to the CEO, an advisory group of various professionals was being formed to ensure that the brand gains a competitive edge over its competitors in the industry. He promised that there would be diversity in the team.

Papa John’s will also consist of a foundation that would focus on giving back to the community by bringing the members together. He has been in the pizza business for more than two decades now. Steve Ritchie is proud of working with people from all walks of life at Papa John’s. The organization comprises of both corporate and franchise team members located in various parts of the world. Some of its core values include equity and respect for all stakeholders. The pizza brand started as a committee that comprised of passionate members. Due to their teamwork, Papa John’s has grown into one of the most popular brands in the country.

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