“Dr. Saad Saad selflessly shares his medical expertise to help children in need “

Throughout his decades of practicing medicine at the highest levels, Dr. Saad Saad has developed an outstanding reputation for helping younger doctors, treating members of the families of world leaders, and performing life-saving surgeries on underprivileged children.


Based in New Jersey, Dr. Saad has been working closely with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund for more than 15 years. The organization is dedicated to providing medical care to needy young people in the Middle East.


Through his work with the humanitarian group, Dr. Saad has helped numerous children who were in dire need of medical attention.


For example, Dr. Saad performed an extremely complex operation on a teenager from the West Bank region who sustained a serious gunshot wound in his stomach. Although local doctors in Israel were able to save the young man’s life with emergency surgery, the teen’s lingering injuries were destroying his quality of life. After flying to meet Dr. Saad in the United States, the young man underwent a procedure lasting seven hours. The operation successfully addressed the teen’s skin burns, internal injuries and digestive issues.


In another career highlight, Dr. Saad performed surgery on a young girl from the Middle East who was born with her intestines outside her body. Dr. Saad’s operation successfully fixed her abdominal issues and helped the girl live a more normal life. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12


In addition to treating patients who fly to his U.S. headquarters from the Middle East, Dr. Saad also embarks on medical missions to the heart of Palestine and the West Bank area. In the past decade, Dr. Saad has completed eight trips to the region to aid underprivileged youngsters with their medical needs. For his efforts, Dr. Saad earned the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund Humanitarian Award.


Assisting younger surgeons and medical students with their training is another major component of Dr. Saad’s mission. During each of his trips to the Middle East, Dr. Saad allows Palestinian pediatric surgeons to observe him as he treats local residents and performs surgeries. Besides helping people in need, Dr. Saad said he also hopes to stimulate the Palestinian economy by encouraging more young medical students in the region to take up pediatric surgery.


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