Isabel dos Santos Leads and Inspires Today’s African Women

Isabel dos Santos is Africa’s wealthiest woman. Ms. dos Santos is the eldest child and daughter of José dos Santos, former President of Angola. Her mother is a native of Russia, and her father is the native of Sambizanga in Luanda.

Ms. dos Santos was born in Baku, Alzerbijan, SSR Soviet Union on April 20, 1973. Isabel dos Santos received her formal education at Cobham Hall, an all girls’ boarding school in Kent, England. Ms. dos Santos received her degree in Electrical Engineering at Kings College in London, England.

After graduating from college, Isabel dos Santos has been in the management business for 20 years. She has held many managerial positions at companies that are listed in the European Stock Exchange. In the early 1990s, Ms. dos Santos returned to Luanda to become the project manager for Urban 2000. Urban 2000 is a subsidiary of Jembas Group, winning a contract to disinfect and clean the city. In 1997, Ms. dos Santos went into a business for herself called Miami Beach Club. The beach club is among the first beach clubs and restaurants on Luanda Island. In June 2016, former President José dos Santos appointed Isabel dos Santos to be the Chairwoman of Senegal. In 2007, she left her position as Chairwoman. In 2015, the former president appointed his oldest daughter Chairwoman of Luanda Metropolitan Master Plan having a budget of $ 15 billion to renew the city.

Today,  Ms. dos Santos is the Chairwoman of Unitel. The latest mobile operator was founded in 1998 that was launched in 2001. Unitel delivers the 4G network in Africa, giving them modern internet and Wi-Fi coverage. Unitel has 3,000 employees in Angolia and 11 million clients interested in the modern communication services. Unitel is working with Google to link Africa to the rest of the world.

Isabel dos Santos uses her many years in business as an example of what African women can do for themselves in the business world. She believes women can make a difference changing the economic landscape in Africa. Ms. Dos Santos is the continent’s most successful woman.


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