“Dr. Saad Saad Contributes to the Healthcare Industry with Multiple Inventions and Philanthropic Work “

Dr. Saad Saad is known for his contribution to the healthcare industry. He is a famous pediatric surgeon, but he doesn’t let his popularity come in the way of helping people in needs. He went to the famous Cairo University to receive his medical degree. After that, he went to the United Kingdom for his internship. It was then that he learned from the top surgeons in the country, but he had his own style that made his instructors have great hopes in him, and he never let them down. After doing an internship for over two years, he moved to the United States in 1973. In the last four decades, he has performed over 3000 surgeries and also invented excellent medical techniques and equipment that are being used by other surgeons today. He has also performed surgeries on children with rare conditions that other surgeons were afraid to pick up.


Dr. Saad Saad has been part of many humanitarian groups that traveled around the world to perform surgeries on children who are unable to afford it. One of the occasions is that of PCRF in 2002, the nonprofit organization that offers medical help to children in the Middle East. One of the children that he helped was that of a 15-year-old child who suffered a gunshot injury. Even though the doctor at the local Israeli hospital was able to save his child, he needed surgery that was too complicated. The organization flew him to the United States where he went through a long surgery, and Dr. Saad Saad was able to help him lead a normal life again. After that, he traveled to many different parts of the world such as Gaza Strip and others to help save the lives of the children that could never get the help they need if it wasn’t for Dr. Saad Saad.


Dr. Saad Saad is not just another pediatric surgeon, but he has contributed immensely to the medical industry. He has invented two pieces of equipment – a suction system and another is an endoscope that is being used by hundreds of surgeons around the world. He tested the device for years to ensure that they are working properly and once they were approved by the Medical Board, he patented it. Apart from that, Dr. Saad Saad also offers useful advice to parents of children to take better care of them. One of the most common topics that he discusses with them is of a concussion. Since many parenhttps://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8ts worry that their children might face concussions when playing sports. He explains some of the common symptoms such as headaches, vomiting and others that would help parents understand that their child might have a concussion. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad

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