The Chainsmokers Find Relevancy Amongst Success

The Chainsmokers continue to be the success story of the decade. The New York DJ duet first crested the ridge of success in 2014. Their catchy single “#Selfie” became a open-ended subscription to the mainstream. The duo of EDM artists Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have not left the charts since 2014, and have generated quite the fan pool. Their studio album, Memories… Do Not Open, has also never left the top charts. It is currently tied for third-longest non-repeated No. 1 for Billboard’s Dance/Techno list. The duet has released four successful singles for 2018, and their last “Side Effect” just won the sound waves. It has been quite an experience, one that both DJ’s have yet to get used to. In their four-year fame the duo has bridged out as artists, found different voices for their style, and set themselves apart by breaking boundaries. The first one shattered back in 2016, at the hands of hit single “Closer.

“Our music reflects what we experience,” Taggart stated in a recent interview with Billboard. He and Pall commented on the disco stylings of Side Effects and the dark tone of their earlier work. Their debut album of 2018, “Sick Boy”, had a much darker tone that Taggart blames on the winter. The single focused on the perils of social media, and its effect on millennials. The evolution of the duo has allowed them to become very self-aware. This awareness has led to them pumping songs with social commentary. The commentary is poignant, but done in a fun way that pokes at the hilarity of such norms. According to Pall it is every beneficial for songwriting. “There’s so many interesting things to write about,” Pall stated. “The internet is dominating people’s lives.” Such commentary has been popular for the Chainsmokers, granting their catchy tunes relevancy. Although the songs focus on an aspect like social media or the internet, it connects the trend to the Chainsmokers’ personal experience. This allows them to better connect with their audience, and establish themselves as part of the circus and not just audience.

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner

Mr. Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani founded the DAMAC Properties of Dubai in 1976. He serves as DAMAC’s Owner and chairman. DAMAC is a real estate firm that creates luxury commercial, leisure living, and residential properties located in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emeritus.

As the DAMAC Owner, Hussain develops real estate properties for well-established and famous brands, including a golf course for The Trump Organization, resorts and houses for fashion giants Versace, Fendi, and Bugatti. Hussain has also developed hotels and resorts for the Paramount Pictures Corporation.

Billionaire Hussain Sajwani was voted the number one top realtor on the 2017 Forbes list. As the DAMAC Owner, he and his company are touted as the largest realty development company in the Middle East and Mr. Sajwani is continuing to expand his entrepreneurial interests. Partnering with Hussain is one his four sons, Ali Sajwani who serves as the General Manager of Operations for DAMAC.

Mr. Sajwani was educated at the University of Washington with degrees in Economics and Industrial Engineering. His additional forte and experience is in the capital and equity markets. Hussain Sajwani created his wn investment company in 1992 called ZDICO Investments.

Hussain Sajwani started his financial career as a top contracts manager in GASCO, a subsidiary of the leading Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. In 1997, Mr. Sajwani created the Al Jazeira Services food and catering service.

Currently, the Al Jazeira company is the largest food service company in Europe, Africa, and Russia. Al Jazeira Services manages housing and meal services for camps, construction sites, military encampments, educational institutes, and many other industries often located in remote regions.

Hussain Sajwani carries a prestigious investment portfolio in world trading. His clients include the company Al Amana Building Materials of Oman and other prestigious clients like the Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Company.

Mr. Sajwani is a generous philanthropist who supports JUNO Online Services. JUNO is a leading internet service provider in New York. Hussain supports the Takaful Company based in Abu Dhabi. The Takaful Company is the leading insurance solution company for the surrounding Arab region. Hussain is also a Board member for Majan University and the Takaful Company.

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The Technology and Social Initiatives of NGP Van

Summary of “How NGP VAN’s Software Fixed Canvassing”


The 2016 federal elections saw candidates and their parties spent a total of $6.4 billion. Although this is a huge amount of money, most campaigns have hundreds of volunteers doing stuff on their behalf all across the country. One fundamental role that the average campaign volunteer will have is what is called door-to-door canvassing. The primary goal of this kind of campaign canvassing is to get voters to show to the polls and vote for a certain candidate. The increasing influence of social media has demanded that these canvassers revaluate and rework their approach to canvassing.


Another factor that is changing how canvassing is done is the changing political climate in America. There are a steadily growing number of people who are not dedicated to any one party but will vote for any candidate with whom their current ideals happen to agree. Canvassing ideals are changing so much because of these two things that many campaigners are now questioning whether door-to-door canvassing is actually that effective. However, NGP VAN is stepping in with canvassing software to make it a successful method once again.

Summary of “DC-based Political Software Company NGP VAN promotes LGBTQ-inclusiveness”


NGP Van provides software tools for the fundraising and organization initiatives of progressive and Democratic initiatives. It is working to hone data analytics for better voter understanding. The software they are developing will help campaigners know the attitudes and political views of current voters. It recently put on a “Day Without a Woman” celebration in honor of its female employees and various organizations whose primary goal is to support women. To celebrate this day, the female employees of NGP spent the day volunteering at various female-centric places in the Washington, D.C. area.


This has been done to support its vision of equality in the workplace. The organization is even now pioneering the way for companies like it to use mobile technology as a campaign tool. Its MiniVAN smartphone app is designed to allow door-to-door canvassers to input data into the app so that they don’t have to carry around pen and paper for recording purposes all day long. But data recording is not the only thing it does, the MiniVAN also helps collect donations for organizations.

A Charitable Direction with Victoria Doramus

Managing a charity can be a daunting task, funding for things like cause exposure and event organization can be extremely limited and public scrutiny over a charity’s spending can be intensive and criticisms on that spending are often direct. These factors can greatly impact the success of a charity and the number of people in need that it is able to reach. This is where a consumer trends and creative marketing specialist can come in handy. Victoria Doramus might be just such a specialist.

With a BA in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado Boulder as well as having completed a course on contemporary design at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, Victoria Doramus has the credentials to be called an expert. An expertise developed not only though education but through hands on work in a variety of corporate applications. Through serving as an assistant media planner at Mindshare to creative consulting at Stila Cosmetics and group coordinating at the Creative Artists Agency, Doramus has forged an international network of media trending experienced contacts. In her work with Trendera she helped to build the brand through the utilization of social media.

In addition to her consulting work Doramus has pursued a number of independent endeavors including writing for the Huffington Post. She has also published articles with publications that specialize in trend analysis like Trend Central and The Cassandra Report. Doramus would then go on the serve as personal assistant to film director Peter Berg, managing his estate and forging relations with contractors in Los Angeles and New York.

Victoria Doramus is currently self-employed and volunteering her consumer analysis and campaign expertise to charities such as The Amy Winehouse Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, Room To Read, and The Women’s Prison Association.

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Fortress Investment Group: The Full Story

Technology giant Softbank acquired Fortress Investment Group for about 3.3 billion dollars. Made official in late 2017, the move includes a step towards more financing than debt takeovers like in the past. Japanese giant Softbank has a history of acquiring technology companies, so this comes as nothing of a surprise for Fortress (who made their initial public offering back in 2007 on the New York Stock Exchange).

Fortress oversees an aggregate sum in the billions of dollars: forty-three of them to be exact. The funds are spread over the course of over 1,500 investors which come from various business backgrounds ranging from hedge funds, to private individual equity, to even PCV’s. Fortress Investment Group currently has just shy of 1,000 employees and calls New York City it’s home base.

The types of business deals which Fortress Investment group engages in include the likes of Mergers and Acquisitions, corporate takeovers, investing in markets, and individual sector investing. Over the past twenty years, Fortress has built up a keen eye for good opportunities in both real estate, stocks, and even other types of investments. Their employees are globally dispersed, with varied backgrounds and skills, and thus this decreases the overall risk basis compared to having only a few local people with local knowledge of a few investment classes.

Rob Kauffman, Rob Evans, and Randal Nardone were the founding principles of Fortress Investment Group back in late twentieth century. Previous to Fortres ,the founders came to the table with an immense breadth of experience from all of the major top-tier financial institutions such as Goldman, UBS, Blackrock, and the like.

The overwhelming principle behind the Fortress business model was to invest in cutting-edge, alternative asset vehicles. The success of Fortress is what it is today in large part because of the first five successful years of its inception, having grown almost half a billion into a whopping 32.6 billion. This was in large part from real estate in the New York and Toronto markets, which eventually opened to include debt ventures and later hedge funds.

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Western Union teams up with PSI- Pay for Online Currency Transfers

Western Union is expanding their global customer base by adding the ecoPayz account platform from PSI-Pay for customers in the UK. People who are an ecoAccount online wallet holder can now top up funds with Western Union online, through their mobile app, or through Western Union’s retail network for international and domestic transfers in the UK. Western Union, known for being a leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement, is excited to be able to integrate their core business functionalities with PSI-Pay to unlock new growth are provide more omnichannel money transfers in a digital world.

This is a new class of online payment processors for Western Union, the biggest source for money transfers globally, using speed, ease, and reliability for successful money transfers with businesses, friends, and family. Both companies, Western Union and PSI-Pay, the company that offers the ecoPayz platform, are excited about this new expansion, allowing more functionality for the growing business of digital financing and money transfers. This is the first time that UK customers can transfer funds to billions of banks’ accounts or for a cash payout from an online payment processor in 150 different countries and territories. PSI-Pay is a global provider of instant, secure and convenient payment services to customers and businesses. Unlike e-money, PSI-Pay works with cryptocurrencies, which rely on supply and demand, instead of being fiat currency exchanged in electronic form. PSI-Pay offers alternative payment solutions with transparency, efficiency, and clarity.

The operations director of PSI-Pay Ltd, Jonathan Amrani, states that they are “excited to be collaborating with Western Union and introducing additional services to customers that will enable them to have more flexibility within their ecoAccount. By accessing Western Union’s network, customers have access to hundreds of thousands of locations around the world, and this provides us with an excellent platform to grow and reach new customers.”

Hussain Sajwani: DAMAC Properties For Luxurious Living


Hussain Sajwani, owner of DAMAC Properties, is originally from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He learned his key business lessons handling his family’s retail establishments during his formative years. It is through observing and assisting with daily matters of global sales that he developed an understanding of the intricacies of communication, variations in expectations per the clients’ nationalities, and the recognition and generation of demand for supply. Today, he continues to thrive because of wise application of these foundational truths.


Hussain Sajwani earned a scholarship to study abroad. He attended the University of Washington in Seattle. There he obtained his Bachelor’s of Arts and Sciences degrees, concentrating in Economics and Industrial Engineering. While pursuing his studies abroad, he accomplished some transactions in the time sharing market. Upon completion of his studies, he returned to his home and joined an oil conglomerate as his first career job. He functioned as manager of the account receivables department. Seeing to the payment of agreed upon contracts for service further ignited his entrepreneurial spirit.


Hussain Sajwani founded a food catering business and attained lucrative contractual agreements. The company was founded generally in 1982, and today operates under the name Global Logistics Services. He continued to make the occasional real estate deal, and when the UAE decided to open its lands to foreign investors, he was prepared to fill that gap in service. DAMAC Properties was born in 2002. He founded the company with the goals of securing prime real estate and helping foreigners successfully complete global sales transactions.


His properties are famous for their luxurious comfort, comprehensive amenities and innovative marketing. Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) employs the sublime talents of artists such as Bugatti and Fendi for his DAMAC interior designs. His team ensures the availability of wireless connections and recreational waters to relax near and play in for every site developed. Some of his marketing campaigns have included the provision of a high-end vehicle upon purchase. He also partners with The Trump Organization and Tiger Woods’ Designs for golf resort property development such as Golf Vita Residential Tower at DAMAC Hills, Dubai.

DAMAC Properties are found in Dubai, London, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Hussain Sajwani has earned such professional accolades as ranking among the top five Arabs on Forbes 2018 List of the Rich, and the honor of 2017 Property CEO of the Year presented by CEO Middle East Awards.


DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is Mr. Real Estate In the Middle East

Hussain Sajwani grew up as an after-school helper in his father’s Dubai variety store. The hours were very long, which he complained about, but he learned valuable lessons about hard work and dedication to the job. Even so, he told his dad that he would never become a businessman himself because of the long hours.

However, the bug for business bit him when he found a great price for a great quantity of candy that he and his schoolmates enjoyed. He was able to purchase this allotment and subsequently sold it piecemeal to his classmates at a great profit. After that experience, no heard anything more about being in business and the so-called negatives.

After attending college, Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, started a catering company that sold food to the United States Army during the Gulf War in the region. This was a very profitable venture and Sajwani made many key contacts with business and political leaders who would be of help to him later in his career. He also learne much about the forming and managing of large organizations during this time.

In 2002, as per, Sajwani formed DAMAC Properties, Inc., a real estate development and management company in Dubai. It was at this time when the United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to allow people who were not citizens of the UAE to be able to purchase land and living accommodations in the UAE. Sajwani sensed that there would be a great need for housing and he wanted to be prepared for the opportunity.

He began to purchase land and to promote his new, luxury apartments that he surmised the higher income immigrants would demand. He was correct on that count because people of means knew that the economic climate in the UAE was good for business.

Sajwani was an excellent promoter and he offered a new Bently automobile along with each new apartment. Needless to say, that ploy got everyone’s attention and it was a promise made good as thousands clamored for his luxurious accommodations. There was nothing spared in the way of accessories and lush appointments in these units.

Today Hussain Sajwani has properties all over the Middle East as well as in London and Paris. He has even partnered with Donald Trump by placing Trump golf courses in several DAMAC resorts.

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Sujit Choudhry’s Open Letter

Sujit Choudhry has been very vocal about the Catalan and Spanish governments as it pertains to the feud between the two. So much so that Sujit Choudhry and fellow constitutional law scholars wrote a letter addressed to both governments in the hope that they would come to a mutual understanding. An open discussion that is done in a positive manner may solve both sides constitutional issues, read (

The open letter specifically asks the Catalonian President to show how strongly he feels about helping his country secede from Spain. Sujit Choudhry and the scholars suggested the president arrange a referendum as a way to prove his commitment to doubters. They believe this is the best way to represent to desires of the Catalan people. The referendum can help people understand that Catalonia becoming an independent nation may present some challenges to the Spanish government. The Spanish Prime Minister was also addressed in the letter. In the past he has chosen to ignore the wishes of the Catalan people and the letter implores him to accept the fact that secession is what many Catalans want, learn more on

Sujit Choudhry and his co-authors just want to help people realize that it would be beneficial for both sides to work out a peaceful and fair end to the feud. If not, the ideals that make up the European Union would be thoroughly contradicted. October 1st showed just how high the tension had risen between both sides. The Spanish government resorted to scare tactics using violence to deter the Catalan people from fighting for independence. This act of brutality just further enraged the Catalan people, reference (

There have been many situations like the one the Catalan and Spanish governments are facing over the course of history. The Catalan president has showed willingness to meet with the Spanish government to discuss these issues which many believe is the right decision, source


Why Hussain Sajwani Is A Great DAMAC Owner and Leader

Hussain is one of the most successful business people in Dubai. His dedication in business has attracted the president of the United States of America to partner on different projects. They collaborated to open villas and a golf course in Dubai. The great entrepreneur has earned recognition and reputation around the world because of his excellent leadership and entrepreneurial skills. These are qualities that have made him earn the status he has today.

Hussain Sajwani studied economics at a prestigious university. He attended the University of Washington, an institution known for shaping and enhancing the skills of its students. After completing his degree, he landed a contract whereby he started working with GASCO. He later left this company and went to work with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. When he was in school, he wanted to become employed as a professional, and he achieved this. However, he later changed his mind and decided to invest in his businesses.

The best thing with Hussain Sajwani is that he had some skills in doing business. It all started when Sajwani was young because he was helping his father to operate in his shop. Through this, he learned a few tricks that he could later apply to his businesses. He first entered in business when he ventured into catering. He noticed there was an influx of people visiting Dubai because of opportunities in the country. He made up his mind to build hotels to cater to these people. He continued to invest, and after a few years, he started Twilight Investment.

The family of the DAMAC owner helped him a lot when it came to his success. He got his entrepreneurial skills from his family, and they encouraged him to follow his mind. His father and mother were people serious about business, and this enabled Hussain Sajwani to get the exposure when he was young. It is through his father’s business that he learned a lot. Later, he would apply the skills he acquired and achieve success in business.

Today Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) is one of the best people when it comes to managing businesses. He has already led successful companies, and he continues to expand to other countries. The billionaire is known in Dubai and around the world as a philanthropist who has helped to change the lives of many.

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