A Glimpse Into The Life Of The Grammy Awards Winners The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall – one-half of the Grammy-winning duo Chainsmokers – fiddled with Disc Jokeying as he grew up as a hobby. He started playing here and there in New York City and slowly the side gig turned into something he really cared about. It was while visiting an art gallery that he realized it was time to get serious. His manager then introduced him to Drew (Andrew Taggart) and they immediately connected. Alex resigned from his regular job and started working full time creating music, which is internationally acclaimed now.

Being primarily DJs, it was surprising when they came out with their hit single Closer with Andrew singing along with Halsey. Alex always wanted to create a unique brand around their music band and didn’t want to be limited by the stereotype of being just DJ.

Their songs have a personal touch too- and it is because they are way more involved in the songwriting process than their counterparts. Some songs are completely authored by the duo, inspired by their own lives, some are guided by them. But they have stressed time and again that being present while the songs are written is what makes them stand out as personal and unique to the style of Chainsmokers.

With social media connecting stars to the fans directly, Alex Pall takes pride in the fact that their music has such a wide international presence. While initially, Chainsmokers targetted college-goers, now they seem to be appealing to a wider range of demographic – pre-teens to mid-adults alike while also appealing to both the girls and the boys. It is really satisfying for them that the music that they are creating is transcending borders, age, and gender.

As with their music, they are also very particular to create a unique show when they play live. With the song Selfie, they started touring worldwide, and have done that couple of times since. The duo goes to great lengths to ensure each of their shows bring something innovative and thrilling for the audience. They have put out festivals which consist of a curated show, also sprinkling short acts in between to take it a notch above. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart believe it is all about pushing the boundaries to stay relevant.


The Chainsmokers Find Relevancy Amongst Success

The Chainsmokers continue to be the success story of the decade. The New York DJ duet first crested the ridge of success in 2014. Their catchy single “#Selfie” became a open-ended subscription to the mainstream. The duo of EDM artists Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have not left the charts since 2014, and have generated quite the fan pool. Their studio album, Memories… Do Not Open, has also never left the top charts. It is currently tied for third-longest non-repeated No. 1 for Billboard’s Dance/Techno list. The duet has released four successful singles for 2018, and their last “Side Effect” just won the sound waves. It has been quite an experience, one that both DJ’s have yet to get used to. In their four-year fame the duo has bridged out as artists, found different voices for their style, and set themselves apart by breaking boundaries. The first one shattered back in 2016, at the hands of hit single “Closer.

“Our music reflects what we experience,” Taggart stated in a recent interview with Billboard. He and Pall commented on the disco stylings of Side Effects and the dark tone of their earlier work. Their debut album of 2018, “Sick Boy”, had a much darker tone that Taggart blames on the winter. The single focused on the perils of social media, and its effect on millennials. The evolution of the duo has allowed them to become very self-aware. This awareness has led to them pumping songs with social commentary. The commentary is poignant, but done in a fun way that pokes at the hilarity of such norms. According to Pall it is every beneficial for songwriting. “There’s so many interesting things to write about,” Pall stated. “The internet is dominating people’s lives.” Such commentary has been popular for the Chainsmokers, granting their catchy tunes relevancy. Although the songs focus on an aspect like social media or the internet, it connects the trend to the Chainsmokers’ personal experience. This allows them to better connect with their audience, and establish themselves as part of the circus and not just audience.