Sandy Chin Comments about Fluctuating Stocks, 2018

The market analysts assume the recent global events to be liable for the major drop in the stock market on December 4th, 2018. The professional and experienced investors indicated the reason behind the drop is due to the slow economic progression and the ramification of chain reactions included at all the investment levels.


While response by market analysts and professional investors is valuable but certainly age could not be the only factor for the downfall of the stock market as the stocks often tend to fluctuate but the recent turmoil demands to remain calm and to welcome change.


History of Past Stocks:


After the eighties has clearly represented the importance of stocks through NYSE images ‘pit’. However, the glitches are still prominent as many who work daily as traders have experienced frustrations.


Latest technology, Program trading determines when to buy and sell stocks using artificial intelligence and computer algorithms without human errors through human-based skills and research is still approachable.


Though the rise in technology has changed the whole concept of stock trading it also demands to give and take in all forms of trading as the market’s viability depends on its flexibility.


Former Crashes and their Uprising:


The most destructible crash occurred in the history of the USA in 1929 was one of the major players in the Great Depression. Another famous recession in 2008 took place when the markets fell 90% over the span of 18 months. In 2013, the market recovered through a new stimulus package.


5 Mindful Suggestions by Sandy Chin during a drop:


1. Research


Before investing in any stock, it is necessary to research the history about that stock to understand if it’s a good idea to invest or not and it could help in the future stocks too.


2. Welcoming Opinions


Sandy Chin recommends listening to opinions who relatively have a much better experience than yourself. This will help in achieving knowledge about different elements of trading.


3. Invest in New Stocks


There is always some risk in investment but finding a new stock to invest means more potential of making money as it will help in expanding your portfolio.


4. A College-Like Mindset


Take it as the first day of your college; there will always be new trading techniques to learn so, be ready to gain an opportunity to learn and grow and always try to put in extra effort to achieve success.


5. Don’t Underestimate Individual Investors:


The Entrepreneurial organizations often start out as individual investors, and they play a vital role in the market as without them the market won’t remain the same anymore.

Management Tips by James River Capital

Leadership is a crucial key to success whether one is managing people in a big company or just a simple start-up. In the investment world, leadership determines whether the company will last for another decade or not. James River Capital Corp has is one of the few companies that provide advisory services to their clients. As a management company, James River Capital Corp holds the view that management is both an art of managing people as well as a branch of science. With this understanding, the company believes that each company can make management (regardless of the company’s niche) an easy task with the following approach.


James River Capital recommends companies especially management teams to create an environment where individual opinions are valued. Valued professional opinions are one-step to incorporating everybody to the bigger picture of the company’s aspirations. Apart from the psychological benefits to the firm, it is also a way to brainstorm easily. Second, the company advice companies to set management teams as support entities and not powerhouses. Quoting Facebook, for example, the company illustrates that this rebranding is critical in setting a productive environment. This approach according to this management firm is also one-step to a more interactive workplace.


The final approach to a more productive and efficient management team is to encourage a free environment where any employees can express their opinions about the management. According to James River Capital, many juniors are reluctant to criticize their seniors due to unknown results of that. However, creating this environment is one-step to a more responsible management according to Paul Saunders Company. Quoting psychological safety by Google, it is the belief of this management company that opening up space improves productivity and is one-step to a good team.


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