Rocketship Education Responds to Negative Reports

A media source known as NPR has recently reviewed one of the main charter school networks in California. It recently assessed Rocketship Education and completed its reporting about the school. These reports stated that the school has frequently engaged in educational malpractice. With this unfavorable report, Rocketship Education has looked to salvage its reputation among members of the community. It said in a statement that NPR did not make a fair and balanced review of their school network. Instead, they evaluated their school and not other private charter schools. As a result, Rocketship Education will hope that this will allow members of the community to disregard the negative evaluation about their charter school network.

NPR had a lot of things to reveal about Rocketship Education. During its reporting, the media source stated that this charter school network had a number of very rigid protocols, strong disciplinary policies and long hours. According to their reports, these characteristics are common among educational institutions that are not properly operated. However, Rocketship Education countered with its own statement revealing that there are many other private charter school networks that have questionable practices. As a result, a number of members of the local educational community have determined that NPR’s reporting is not legitimate. Therefore, this negative reporting has been discredited among the educational community.

Rocketship Education is one of the many private charter school networks in the United States. It is based in San Jose, California and has 13 other locations throughout the state. It also has over 1,000 employees that include teachers and administrators. The charter school network was founded in 2006 and opened up its first location one year later in 2007. During the last decade, Rocketship Education established itself as a viable alternative to public school. It serves as an educational institution to provide disadvantaged students with a quality education. Over the years, Rocketship Education has helped many low income families take advantage of a an opportunity to get their children the quality education that they need. Today, it is one of the leading charter schools in the nation and has been known to provide a number of educational programs that prepare students for a successful future.