Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Recently, operators of a famed senior living home company announced a change in leadership. In February, Amanda Morgan-Taylor was appointed the new CEA of the prestigious Sussex Healthcare. As a hardworking elder advocate, Ms. Morgan-Taylor actually started earlier to get a sense of what this healthcare organization needed. Her devotion to public and private healthcare service is noteworthy, and this new CEO has already made some big changes that will improve the already stellar elder service that this healthcare organization has provided in their now 20 high-end senior living homes for well over 25 plus years.

Along with the new CEO appointment, Sussex Healthcare has just announced that they will be hiring soon in most of their departments. Interested individuals are urged to contact the company and review the full job postings online. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone desiring to get into the highly revered healthcare arena in some aspect. All nursing shifts need more employees, with both full and part time positions. Nursing assistants are a valued member of the healthcare team, and experienced physiology, mental, recreational and occupational therapists are encouraged to apply. As this healthcare provider is adamant about providing a lively, fun and safe environment that offers many enjoyable daily excursions and diversions for residential seniors, those with talents to share in music, gardening, art and more should give the organization a call.

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The welcoming environment in any given Sussex Healthcare residential home is highlighted with the homey decor theme and relaxed demeanor of staff. This skilled healthcare establishment aims to provide superior services that encompass many aspects of daily life. The company also boasts a beautiful new gymnasium that seniors are welcome to use. It is staffed with experts in fitness so the area is safe. These fitness specialists are trained to create individualized fitness routines and exercises. Seniors can get muscle and joint pain relief by using this company’s warmed and heated new pool and various hot tubs on the premises.

Since Sussex Healthcare is determined to always deliver exceptional service, they have also announced that they are expanding their housekeeping, maintenance and laundry services. New positions in these and other necessary departments like dietary has also been announced. Employees love the laid back atmosphere that Sussex Healthcare offers. All staff are considered important pieces of the full Sussex Healthcare network. The company offers fantastic pay, many benefits and so much more.

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