New Residential Investment Corp. Leverages on Its Capable Team to Thrive in the Ever-Changing Sector

New Residential Investment Corp. is a real estate investment trust that focuses on investing in the residential housing sector. The company invests in residential mortgage related assets including residential mortgage-backed securities as well as excess mortgage servicing rights. The New York-based REIT is headed by Michael Nierenberg as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. Other senior executive members include Nicola Santoro Jr. and Jonathan Brown. Members of the company’s board of directors include Michael Nierenberg, Kevin Finnerty and Alan Tyson.

Founded in 2011, New Residential Investment Corp.’s other segments include investments in mortgage servicing rights, investment in real estate securities, investments in servicer advances, investments in consumer loans, investments in residential mortgage loans, and corporate. It is a qualified real estate investment trust for the purposes of federal income tax. It is usually not subject to federal corporate income taxes because it distributes 90% of its taxable income to shareholders.

The company drives risk-adjusted returns through investments in non-agency residential mortgage backed securities and associated call rights, servicer advances and excess mortgage servicing rights. It identifies opportunities and takes advantage of them to generate significant returns to drive shareholders’ dividends. It generate returns in various interest rate environments through a focus on assets that generates long-term cash flows and employ conservative capital structures.

The residential housing market in the United States has grown to have many complexities over the past few years. There have been unfolding developments in the aftermath of the United States financial crisis that are changing how homes are originated, owned and serviced. New Residential Investment Corp leverages on its capable team and other capabilities to take advantage of opportunities created by these developments.

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Paul Mampilly Offers Some Predictions to Help Investors Grow their Wealth in 2019

There is a lot of uncertain information and tips about investment out there making it difficult to know which ones to trust. Paul Mampilly is one of the leading investment experts who help provide information about the different investment opportunities that most common people do not know. As the editor of Profits Unlimited Newsletter, he wants to spend his retirement helping people make money and grow their wealth. According to Paul Mampilly, it is essential for investors to keep themselves updated of the latest happenings around the world, so that they can make the right investment decisions. He has made specific predictions for the coming year 2019 in his recent newsletter so that his readers can learn new information, and benefit from it.

When people thought of Big Data, most of them considered it to be used only by the big companies. In the coming year, Paul Mampilly says that every business needs to make use of the data they collect from their customers and clients to improve their efficiency. Even small and mid-sized companies will need to invest in data gathering and analysis if they want to sustain in the business. Another strategy that companies need to adapt is to provide personalized service to their customers. With start-ups and small businesses focusing on personalized marketing to their customers, even large companies will have to invest in unique marketing techniques to improve the user experience.

All companies, whether large or small, need to focus on building relationships with their customers rather than just selling products and services to them. Since customers today are not as loyal as years back, companies need to ensure that they keep them engaged. Financial advisor Paul is also hopeful that the year 2019 will be a great one for businesses with the new government focusing on deregulation of rules for entrepreneurs. He believes that it can be an excellent opportunity for people to invest as the economy is set to grow. Paul advice investor to invest for the long term rather than a short term as it would be hugely beneficial and help earn more profits.


Venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar on his tweet storm

Shervin Pishevar is a venture capitalist and a businessman who has invested in some of the highly successful businesses in the United States. Some of his investments are in companies such as Airbnb, Slack, Postmates, Uber, and Robinhood. He is prominent for his role in the growth of Virgin’s Hyperloop One where he is the co-founder and executive chairman.

Shervin Pishevar born in Tehran, Iran, at a time when the region who was undergoing the Islamic revolution. He immigrated to the United States where he has been growing his life and career in business. One of the things he was scared of was that his parents might die and leave him with nothing. This is a scenario he never wanted to see.

Shervin Pishevar is known for having outstanding ability to create relationships with the powerful in the society. During the Barack Obama presidency, he managed to maintain a close relationship with the administration and even helped in drafting some bills for the Congress.

According to the Uber founder Travis Kalanick, Shervin is the reason the company settled for Menlo Ventures as the venture funding company. The co-founder was interested in working with Shervin, and that is why he chose the firm so that he could partner with him. The good thing about Shervin is that he can create more advantages other than just the funding. When he partners with business organizations, he ensures that the partnership is based on mutual growth interest. Today, Pishevar is interested not in making money but helping innovative people to link up with the like-minded talents for that bring change in the world.

At the beginning of 2018, Shervin Pishevarr went to Twitter and published 50 messages that indicated that he is expecting the American economy to decline in coming months. He supported this argument by showing that’s every indicator of a financial crisis had been triggered. To him, it was just a matter of time before the financial crisis happened. He also pointed out that he expected the stock market to drop by over 6000 points in the coming months. Shervin Pishevar also tweeted about other matters related to the financial industry such as the crush of bitcoin and the decline of Silicon Valley as an innovation hub.

Stream Cares for Texas

Stream Energy is one of Texas’s largest energy providers; bringing clean energy to the communities it serves at an affordable price. The company has had hands in charitable and philanthropic work for well over a decade but in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey struck the Houston area with devastating floods, the game changed for Stream. Stream Cares is a charity formed by Stream Energy that gives back to the very community it serves with power and in the weeks and months following the hurricane, Stream Cares partnered with the Red Cross and the Salvation Army to raise thousands for those in need, as well as helping to replace things lost in the storm. Stream Cares was able to double contributions to the relief efforts compared to most other charities.

Stream Energy has been tied to other charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity over the years and philanthropic work seems to be a tenant of the company. It’s not too often you see such a massive company, especially an energy company branching off in the charitable direction. Over the years, Stream Energy has built a foundation of trust and compassion with their customers. One of the keys to their model and success is their commission based sales tactics that put associates in leadership positions, allowing them to essentially be in business for themselves while pursuing charitable causes as caring and compassionate individuals.

The Hurricane brought a jump in homelessness up by 24% after many were displaced. As seen by their work with Habitat for Humanity, Stream has taken great pride in helping the homeless and those in need. This rise didn’t deter the company or it’s employees but rather gave them what they saw as an opportunity to step up their charitable giving game. Stream Cares also recently participated in a water park themed charity event called “Splash for Hope” in which they invited over 1000 homeless children and their families to a water park in Texas, covering their entrance fees.

Perhaps in the future more companies will follow suit with a passion for giving the way Stream Energy gives.

Paul Mampilly Talks About the Rise of the Artificial Intelligence Stocks

Experience is important especially when you’re an entrepreneur. As an experienced investor, you should be knowledgeable about how the various business sectors operate. Entrepreneurs such as Paul Mampilly have been offering investment advice to emerging entrepreneurs.

Scientists have come up with Artificial Intelligence. This form of technology is across different sectors. Mampilly has interacted with Artificial Intelligence for some time now. After purchasing a product on Amazon, he sees ads of the same products while browsing through other sites. The benefits of using artificial intelligence have also been noticeable over the years. Additionally, business entities that have utilized Artificial Intelligence are always a step ahead of their competitors.

Paul Mampilly Talks about Artificial Intelligence

You may learn more about Artificial Intelligence through a video that Paul Mampilly released recently. In the video, Mampilly talked about the applications of Artificial Intelligence. Mampilly also talks about the headlines that he has come across pertaining to the applications of Artificial Intelligence. He spoke of how facial recognition software was used to capture a suspect who was in a crowd of 60,000 people. A team of police officers may have accomplished this task, nevertheless, they would have taken a lot of time.

The facial recognition software made use of pattern recognition and other forms of data to identify the suspect. Paul Mampilly also stated that if this form of technology was present in 2001, the terrorist attack that took place in September 11th might have been prevented. The authorities would have made use of Artificial Intelligence to identify the terrorists. It is now noticeable that Artificial Intelligence harbors many benefits.

Mampilly’s Belief

Artificial Intelligence is bringing forth a lot of change. With time, many businesses will endorse Artificial Intelligence. Some of the companies that have deployed Artificial Intelligence have experienced higher profit margins. Eventually, Artificial Intelligence stocks will incur significant rises. Paul Mampilly is confident that the use of Artificial Intelligence will rise significantly in future. He has presented substantial evidence to support these claims. Investors will now heed to Mampilly’s investment advice after listening to what he said in the video.

Stream Energy’s Pursuit of Caring for the People of Dallas

Hurricane Harvey packed a powerful punch. Many were left homeless and without daily necessities like food, water, and even clothing. Life disrupted is putting it lightly. Stream Energy rose to the occasion and jumped in to help immediately following the disaster. The Dallas-based energy company has now fully launched their foundation, the Stream Cares Foundation.

Homelessness is the ultimate in a frightening experience, but residents were displaced as a result of the storm. With nowhere to go and a lack of supplies, Stream Energy combined their efforts with the Hope Supply Company to help. As a successful energy business, Stream Energy was able to give back not only to the local community, but they were giving back to their very own customers. To say that it was a pleasure to help these displaced residents is putting it lightly.

The energy company was now one of the first to fund the recovery efforts. It was reminiscent of all that the company entails, especially when it comes to giving back. Several large corporations in Dallas have made philanthropy a vital part of their DNA.

The Stream Cares Foundation isn’t just limited to Dallas. The idea for the company was to give back. The company has been involved in giving generously for a number of years, but the devastation from Hurricane Harvey was an opportunity for them to shine a light on this growing mission. It’s so much more than money as far as The Stream Cares Foundation is concerned.

Volunteering their time and effort is what it’s all about. The money is helpful when it comes to purchasing supplies and other needed items, but in the eyes of displaced residents, it was clear that caring for others was the primary effort.

Earning money is great, but for Stream Energy, it’s great if they are able to earn the respect and loyalty of the community of Dallas. Connecting with people on a personal level makes it possible for them to share light in their fullest capacity. It’s safe to say that Stream Energy knows how to build long-term relationships.

Shervin Pishevar sees most crypto currencies as illegitimate

Shervin Pishevar is one of the best-known venture capitalists inside Silicon Valley. The founder and CEO of Sherpa Capital has been intimately involved in the creation of some of the most noteworthy names in the tech field, including Virgin Hyperloop, Uber and Airbnb. He has also founded a large number of businesses as an entrepreneur in his own right. Some of these include WebOS, Ionside and Social Gaming Network.

Despite his workaholic schedule, Shervin Pishevar still somehow finds time to operate one of the most widely followed Twitter accounts in Silicon Valley. With more than 100,000 followers, when Shervin Pishevar tweets, he has the ear of some of the most influential people inside and outside of the world of technology.

Recently, Shervin Pishevar engaged in a nearly 21-hour tweet storm. In it, he spoke on a broad variety of topics. One of those is his view that the world of independent coin offerings, also known as ICOs, is fully corrupt and a danger to all investors.

Shervin Pishevar says that ICOs lack almost all of the protections normally associated with the initial public offerings of stock. He believes that it is only a matter of time until the SEC cracks down on these offerings of new coin mintages due to the fact that they so closely resemble in form and process the machinations of the initial public offerings of stocks. In fact, Shervin Pishevar has stated publicly that he believes that coin security tokens are themselves securities. If this proves to be right, then it means that every ICO has been in violation of SEC regulations and U.S. securities law. This, says Pishevar, could spell disaster for everyone who has profited up to now from the issuance of new cryptocurrencies.

From the standpoint of potential investors in future or current ICOs, Pishevar warns in the strongest possible terms that they should absolutely stay away. He says that the likelihood of an eventual SEC crackdown on at least some aspects of the ICO practices that currently prevail is a near certainty. When that time comes, says Pishevar, those who have profited from these transactions could be in a world of hurt.

GreenSky Credit: Tapping the Market in Technology-based Financing

About GreenSky

Following the diverse needs of clients in the financial sector, many companies are hitting the market to fill this gap. The GreenSky Credit is one of these firms. It was established in 2006 with an aim of offering quality services in finance to a wide range of clients. The renowned financial technology company is based in Georgia’s Atlanta. From 2012 to 2016, more than 5 billion dollars were in circulation as a result of the firm’s credit program.

GreenSky provides extensive technology-based solutions to organizations in the financing world, such as banks and financial merchants. By using technology, the organizations can readily make loans accessible to clients in home improvement services, healthcare, and solar facilitation. Its credit programs are facilitated by other financial institutions with insurance covers licenses in line with the federal state regulations.

The Company’s Business Operations

Since GreenSky raises its loans for clients from other financial institutions, its popularity at the Fintech market scene is limited. It gets merchants dealing with home improvement equipment to sign up on the platform. Also, the firm currently facilitates health procedures for elective medicine.

At GreenSky Credit, huge organizations get services in credit cards sup-plantations. Its efforts are focused towards ensuring that consumer-based spending on projects is effectively managed. Additionally, it is involved in developing a suitable payback period and setting interest rates.

GreenSky’s CEO cites that the firm seeks to establish a unique, technology-based brand in the market rather than compete with banks for customers. GreenSky uses the type II compliant lending program by SSAE to enhance its effectiveness in the industry. A visit to the GreenSky Credit LLC Wikipedia page will give extensive information on the company.



GreenSky Market Valuation

Notably, 2016 marked a significant achievement at GreenSky. The firm successfully raised about 50 million dollars in capital. Also, it was the year when the partnership to design a $2 billion loaning plan with Fifth Third Bancorp was initiated. Additionally, it is the period when GreenSky Credit was valued at 3.6 billion dollars as presented in the Wall Street Journal.

GreenSky Credit thrives on a skilled and diversified executive team. Each member at the company works hard to see GreenSky through sustainable growth strategies. It also takes pride in an efficient and reliable team of more than 1000 employees.

Fortress Investment Group: The Full Story

Technology giant Softbank acquired Fortress Investment Group for about 3.3 billion dollars. Made official in late 2017, the move includes a step towards more financing than debt takeovers like in the past. Japanese giant Softbank has a history of acquiring technology companies, so this comes as nothing of a surprise for Fortress (who made their initial public offering back in 2007 on the New York Stock Exchange).

Fortress oversees an aggregate sum in the billions of dollars: forty-three of them to be exact. The funds are spread over the course of over 1,500 investors which come from various business backgrounds ranging from hedge funds, to private individual equity, to even PCV’s. Fortress Investment Group currently has just shy of 1,000 employees and calls New York City it’s home base.

The types of business deals which Fortress Investment group engages in include the likes of Mergers and Acquisitions, corporate takeovers, investing in markets, and individual sector investing. Over the past twenty years, Fortress has built up a keen eye for good opportunities in both real estate, stocks, and even other types of investments. Their employees are globally dispersed, with varied backgrounds and skills, and thus this decreases the overall risk basis compared to having only a few local people with local knowledge of a few investment classes.

Rob Kauffman, Rob Evans, and Randal Nardone were the founding principles of Fortress Investment Group back in late twentieth century. Previous to Fortres ,the founders came to the table with an immense breadth of experience from all of the major top-tier financial institutions such as Goldman, UBS, Blackrock, and the like.

The overwhelming principle behind the Fortress business model was to invest in cutting-edge, alternative asset vehicles. The success of Fortress is what it is today in large part because of the first five successful years of its inception, having grown almost half a billion into a whopping 32.6 billion. This was in large part from real estate in the New York and Toronto markets, which eventually opened to include debt ventures and later hedge funds.

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