The Achievements of Nick Vertucci, Founder of NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA)

Nick Vertucci is a real estate guru who developed the Fortuned in Flipping method. As a real estate agent, he educates others on methods of selling, refurbishing, and buying of property. He started in this field in the 2000s when his computer parts business failed due to the dot-com crash that wrecked most businesses throwing him into financial strains. He faced some challenges as a child since he was born into a middle-class family. At the age eight years old, His father died, and his mother had to take over responsibilities of raising the family alone. At 18 years he was facing financial difficulties which he later turned into success. Nick Vertucci is also a host of the Real Estate Investing Hour show on KFWB News Talk 180, where he describes the methods of his Fortunes in Flipping Kit. He hosts three to four-day workshops all across the United States where he outlines and teaches people his strategies and how he has been able to manage his funds and assets. He also does this through guiding programs, and online lectures and videos.

Nick Vertucci leaned of real estate business through a friend who invited him to a three-day seminar 18 months after the dot-com crash. This was the beginning of his success, and it inspired Nick to use his knowledge in real estate to enlighten others how to become successful in the industry. He founded the NV Real Estate Academy and became its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Here, he provides customers with a wide range of knowledge and assets to build their real estate businesses and careers. Several services are taught at the NV Real Estate Academy, these include asset protection, wholesaling and flipping contracts, buying and holding properties for long time cash flows, commercial investments leveraging of 401K and IRA. Here students are also taught the challenges of the industry and how to tackle them head-on.

Nick Vertucci has hired a team of passionate professionals to deliver a simplified method of success in real estate at his academy to teach the students. He founded the organization to help people become their own bosses and achieve unimaginable heights of success. Through this firm, hundreds of people have realized success and magnified their income as well as revolutionize their personal lives. His organization joined the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy. This organization ensures that its members respond to customer complaints accordingly and work with the customer to fix their issues.