Talkspace Partners with Michael Phelps to Promote Mental Health Awareness

Recently, Michael Phelps and Talkspace came out to announce their partnership. The partnership involves Michael Phelps sharing his experiences in a National TV campaign. This is aimed at creating mental illness awareness, educating people on the importance of mental health and eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness. People are suffering from different kind of mental illness across the country and while Talkspace have made huge strides towards promoting easy access to therapy services, more needs to be done to convince affected people to go for therapy.

Mr. Michael Phelps suffered from depression and anxiety at some point in his life. He reminisces the moments he shared his predicaments with the people who cared. He found comfort and refuge in sharing the struggles he was going through. That inspired him to want to make people feel free to share their struggles with professionals because it is one step towards recovery. In a statement, Phelps expressed his excitement for the opportunity to rally for mental health and promote Talkspace for the good work they are doing. Talkspace has been resilient in its efforts to avail readily therapy services to people across the country.

Founded in 2012 by Oren Frank and his partners, Talkspace has revolutionized the health industry by making it easy for people to access health services online. It has therapists who are ready to interact with patients affected by eating disorders, anxiety, family problems, post-traumatic stress, addiction and depression. Oren Frank is always looking for ways to deliver therapy services better. He is strengthened his team by bringing Neil Leibowitx on board.

Neil Leibowitx now serves as a chief medical officer and delivers medical prescriptions to patients through the web and the app. He is in-charge of building enterprise business. People can now access the services online even through videos.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy platform which has readily available licensed therapists. Patients can get the services online by talking to therapists in real time. Millions of people have used the services so far. It is continue to pursue its mission of making therapy services accessible to everyone across the country.