An Ideal Story Of Entrepreneurship In Brazil Guilherme Paulus

Traveling is what comes into the mind of many people regarding going for vacations. Brazil is unmistakably an excellent destination for travelers on vacation. The country has numerous destinations, and it is often hard to make a quick decision on perfect destination points.

Often when traveling, people seek advice from travel agencies, family, and also friends who have been in a place previously. However, if you need to know any information or guidance on tour and travel in Brazil, Guilherme Paulus is the man to contact. He is a true professional of tourism industry and a real insider when it comes to tour and travel in Brazil. Besides, he knows precisely the leisure the travelers want.

Guilherme Paulus is the co-founder of CVC Brasil, internationally recognized tours and travel agency and the largest tours operator across Latin America. Paulus began as an employee in IBM where he later quit to pursue his dreams. During his time as an employee at IBM, Paulus built a reputation and demonstrated a unique character in the international business world. Also, he has won the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

At the age of 24, Guilherme Paulus met Carlos Vicente, a local government official who shared his idea of expanding his tourism venture to Brazil. Paulus loved the idea due to his entrepreneurship mentality but had no money to invest. In a country where government taxes are high, unstable bureaucracy, and lacks venture capital, it’s hard for any entrepreneur to succeed. However, if one defies all the odds and makes an investment, entrepreneurship can prove to be very rewarding. Paulus took the idea form Carlos positively as he offered financial support while Paulus would run the day-to-day activities. They both started their first office in Sao Paolo in 1972 and continued with the partnership, but Carlos left after four years. Guilherme Paulus did not lose hope in his unprecedented vision in tourism in Brazil. Through his passion and determination, a small travel agency have been transformed into a premier name in the tourism sector over the years. The travel agency currently offers an unmatched array of travel packages to make it the leader in tours and travel in Brazil.


Sandy Chin Comments about Fluctuating Stocks, 2018

The market analysts assume the recent global events to be liable for the major drop in the stock market on December 4th, 2018. The professional and experienced investors indicated the reason behind the drop is due to the slow economic progression and the ramification of chain reactions included at all the investment levels.


While response by market analysts and professional investors is valuable but certainly age could not be the only factor for the downfall of the stock market as the stocks often tend to fluctuate but the recent turmoil demands to remain calm and to welcome change.


History of Past Stocks:


After the eighties has clearly represented the importance of stocks through NYSE images ‘pit’. However, the glitches are still prominent as many who work daily as traders have experienced frustrations.


Latest technology, Program trading determines when to buy and sell stocks using artificial intelligence and computer algorithms without human errors through human-based skills and research is still approachable.


Though the rise in technology has changed the whole concept of stock trading it also demands to give and take in all forms of trading as the market’s viability depends on its flexibility.


Former Crashes and their Uprising:


The most destructible crash occurred in the history of the USA in 1929 was one of the major players in the Great Depression. Another famous recession in 2008 took place when the markets fell 90% over the span of 18 months. In 2013, the market recovered through a new stimulus package.


5 Mindful Suggestions by Sandy Chin during a drop:


1. Research


Before investing in any stock, it is necessary to research the history about that stock to understand if it’s a good idea to invest or not and it could help in the future stocks too.


2. Welcoming Opinions


Sandy Chin recommends listening to opinions who relatively have a much better experience than yourself. This will help in achieving knowledge about different elements of trading.


3. Invest in New Stocks


There is always some risk in investment but finding a new stock to invest means more potential of making money as it will help in expanding your portfolio.


4. A College-Like Mindset


Take it as the first day of your college; there will always be new trading techniques to learn so, be ready to gain an opportunity to learn and grow and always try to put in extra effort to achieve success.


5. Don’t Underestimate Individual Investors:


The Entrepreneurial organizations often start out as individual investors, and they play a vital role in the market as without them the market won’t remain the same anymore.

Steve Ritchie Talks about his Success in Business

The CEO of Papa John’s values effective communication among all the stakeholders of the organization and that has contributed positively to its growth. Recently, some customers expressed their disappointment in the pizza brand. Steve Ritchie wrote a letter to various stakeholders including the customers. He outlined the measures that Papa John’s would take to restore its lost glory in the last few months. One of the main objectives of the firm’s management would be to increase the sales volumes of its products.

As at July this year, the organization’s North American plant recorded a 6.1% decline in its sales. The leadership team was trained on unconscious bias and this program is scheduled to be rolled out to the other parts of the country. According to him, a cultural audit was also being conducted where the recommendations from the exercise would be implemented in all the departments in the company.

Steve Ritchie disclosed that he was accompanied by other top officials at Papa John’s to visit several places in the nation. The aim of the traveling was to meet the other team members and franchisees to discuss the measures that they would take to ensure continuous improvement in the brand’s operations. According to the CEO, an advisory group of various professionals was being formed to ensure that the brand gains a competitive edge over its competitors in the industry. He promised that there would be diversity in the team.

Papa John’s will also consist of a foundation that would focus on giving back to the community by bringing the members together. He has been in the pizza business for more than two decades now. Steve Ritchie is proud of working with people from all walks of life at Papa John’s. The organization comprises of both corporate and franchise team members located in various parts of the world. Some of its core values include equity and respect for all stakeholders. The pizza brand started as a committee that comprised of passionate members. Due to their teamwork, Papa John’s has grown into one of the most popular brands in the country.

Education Secretary Betsy Devos

When President Trump rescinded the federal policy allowing transgender scholars to use the college bathrooms that correlated to their gender identities, many people mistakenly thought that the education secretary Betsy DeVos would be a meek player. Despite her many efforts to resist the move, she couldn’t sway a powerful administration that was set on denying transgender bathroom access.


But people who know the real Betsy DeVos realize that she isn’t going to give up that easily. As a powerful billionaire with a relentless personality, she will work diligently toward change even if the process consists of stirring up the Trump Administration.


The effective political fighter is not a stranger to adversity. Since she is a leading supporter of charter schools, she is used to going against the ideas of the masses.


For the past thirty years, DeVos tried to steer tax dollars to charter schools instead of public schools. She has also fought for public funded vouchers that could be used for private schools.


These widely-known initiatives have been scrutinized by her opponents. Many people believe that funding charter schools is not a good use of tax dollars. Opponents think that such initiatives only undermine public education by stripping the system of its much needed resources.


Even though many people are against her charter school initiatives, DeVos is not letting that stop her. As soon as she was elected secretary of education, she sought to set up meetings with prominent leaders of two well-known teacher’s unions.


Not long after those meetings, she visited a charter school in Miami with popular rapper Pitbull. While visiting this charter school that Pitbull founded, she was supporting her commitment to making school-choice expansion a big priority.


To learn more, visit


During her time in Florida, she also visited other education establishments including a private Christian school and a couple of institutions for higher education. After visiting these schools, it’s clear that she will fight for private education for low-income families regardless of the massive challenges.


Even in the face of setback, there is no doubt that DeVos will continue to fight for transgender rights. Because of her uncanny ability to overcome adversity, she will have an edge in the Trump Administration.


Betsy DeVos may be politically polite, but that shouldn’t fool the people who know her as a fighter who never gives up. Due to her relentless attitude, people should expect to see a significant improvement regarding transgender rights in the future.

Aloha Restoration: A New Division of Aloha Construction

Aloha Restoration is a new division of its parent company Aloha Construction. Both of these businesses are headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois, and both businesses provide a wide range of services. Aloha Restoration focuses more on interior renovation and repair. This includes fire damage removal, water removal, mold removal and smoke restoration. In addition to that, this particular company offers bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel and basement finishing. Aloha Restoration is looking to take some slack away from Aloha Construction, but both companies have their own unique gifts.


Dave Farbaky, the CEO of Aloha Construction Inc., has built both companies from the ground-up. Farbaky is the leader of his own home-renovation enterprise, and he’s a huge fan of the Chicago Bears. “I’m one of the biggest fans in the city of Chicago,” said Farbaky. Aloha Restoration is also connected to the Bears franchise. Tom Thayer, a former Super Bowl champion with the Chicago Bears, is one of AR’s partners.

Yes, this is 100 percent accurate, and there are a couple of framed pictures of him at the company’s headquarters. Another one of the company’s partners is known as Dan Bernstein. This extraordinary man is a fan-favorite for many people, and he works with WSCR-AM radio. “I’m now working with two of my favorite radio hosts,” said Farbaky. The company also gets great marketing from the local radio stations. Bernstein already has a huge following thanks to being a co-host to the popular “Bernstein & Goff Show.”


Water removal and mold removal has never looked so promising. The clients and customers will receive the highest level of integrity, and these individuals are highly trained in interior renovation. What more could anyone ever ask for from a general contractor? Aloha Restoration is looking to simply make an impact on society by changing the game.

Why OSI Group Has Achieved Success at International Stage

It is always difficult for any company to operate in a foreign country and achieve much success. There are a significant number of companies that have been trying to achieve success at a global level, but they have not been able to achieve meaningful success. However, OSI Group is one of the leading organizations that have been able to achieve success in the local and international market. The company has incorporated several strategies that have played a vital role in its success.

OSI Group has been able to achieve maximum success by formulating a strategic plan that involves partnering with a large number of companies across the Chinese market. The company realized that working in a foreign country is a difficult undertaking, especially when one does not have the necessary connections and full realization of how the culture of a foreign country operates. Many companies have significantly failed to achieve success by going alone in unfamiliar territory. More about at

The food processing organization formulated several partnerships with a plethora of Chinese companies that ushered the entity into the new territory. The company learned about the market and the needs of the consumers through the assistance of traditional companies that had established themselves in the market for some few years. Understanding the local market was the reason behind the success of the company. The company has been offering quality products and services to its customers to the point where it has been able to endear itself to the Chinese consumers.

OSI Group has significantly invested in infrastructure as the country lacked the necessary infrastructure to accommodate a considerable number of multinational companies. These infrastructures include building new manufacturing and processing plants that are modern and huge enough to process enough food products. The company has several food manufacturing plants that are big enough to process vast amounts of products to satisfy any size of the market.

The company has also been able to come up with some innovative practices such as minimizing solid waste through recycling and minimizing the impact of gases released into the atmosphere through neutralizing. OSI Group has also been able to come up with some strategic leadership plans that help it to develop its workers to leadership positions.

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Aloha Construction Is Lake Zurich’s Superstar General Contracting Team

Aloha Construction is the trusted source that people in Illinois and also the southern region of Wisconsin go to whenever they need top-notch customer service in the areas of general contracting, roofing and siding. Aloha Construction has also recently started up a branch that focuses purely on the area of renovation and restoration. This brand has been dubbed as Aloha Restoration.


Aloha Construction makes its home base out of the Illinois municipality of Lake Zurich. The company was founded as a family operation and it continues to operate in this manner. The expert contractors at Aloha Construction are all highly trained, certified, licensed and insured and the company’s commitment to total service is well documented.


The 2017 calendar year was a particularly notable and successful one for Lake Zurich’s Aloha Construction. The company has followed this up by having an outstanding year so far during the 201 campaign. These successes are due to the fact that the Aloha Construction team is comprised of contracting specialists and the company is committed to excelling in different parts of the construction profession. The Aloha Construction team is noted for its efficiency and its ability to work as a cohesive unit. The company’s roofing team are all bonded and can quickly take care of jobs for customers that range from shingles, general roofing and other related types of work such as attic ventilation.


When a homeowner is looking for a contractor to hire for a job, it is critical that they choose a company that can get the job done well and get it done on time. Going with a company like Aloha Construction is always a sure bet because the firm is committed to producing the results that its customers require. This commitment to the communities that it serves has made Aloha Construction a trusted name.

Management Tips by James River Capital

Leadership is a crucial key to success whether one is managing people in a big company or just a simple start-up. In the investment world, leadership determines whether the company will last for another decade or not. James River Capital Corp has is one of the few companies that provide advisory services to their clients. As a management company, James River Capital Corp holds the view that management is both an art of managing people as well as a branch of science. With this understanding, the company believes that each company can make management (regardless of the company’s niche) an easy task with the following approach.


James River Capital recommends companies especially management teams to create an environment where individual opinions are valued. Valued professional opinions are one-step to incorporating everybody to the bigger picture of the company’s aspirations. Apart from the psychological benefits to the firm, it is also a way to brainstorm easily. Second, the company advice companies to set management teams as support entities and not powerhouses. Quoting Facebook, for example, the company illustrates that this rebranding is critical in setting a productive environment. This approach according to this management firm is also one-step to a more interactive workplace.


The final approach to a more productive and efficient management team is to encourage a free environment where any employees can express their opinions about the management. According to James River Capital, many juniors are reluctant to criticize their seniors due to unknown results of that. However, creating this environment is one-step to a more responsible management according to Paul Saunders Company. Quoting psychological safety by Google, it is the belief of this management company that opening up space improves productivity and is one-step to a good team.


For the past five years, James River Capital Corp has won four prestigious awards. These awards include HFM Awards, Invest Hedge Awards, Investors Choice Awards, and Global Fund Awards. The four awards are an indication that this investment company is not only helping investors get good returns but also offers personalized investment plans. This year, the company announced that the investment value has grown to now $570 million. The investment value stretches from private sector to public sector. From 1995, when Paul Saunders and his investment partner Kevin Brandt started the firm, they have experienced growth primarily because of their work ethics and better investment plans. Learn more:


In the two decades, the company has redefined the alternative investment market. Currently, Paul Saunders deals with a wide range of investment services. Some of these services include advisory services, management of investments, and all other alternative market services. James River Capital Corp main target currently is the vast USA investment market, which according to investment pundits is doing great. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


Talkspace Partners with Michael Phelps to Promote Mental Health Awareness

Recently, Michael Phelps and Talkspace came out to announce their partnership. The partnership involves Michael Phelps sharing his experiences in a National TV campaign. This is aimed at creating mental illness awareness, educating people on the importance of mental health and eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness. People are suffering from different kind of mental illness across the country and while Talkspace have made huge strides towards promoting easy access to therapy services, more needs to be done to convince affected people to go for therapy.

Mr. Michael Phelps suffered from depression and anxiety at some point in his life. He reminisces the moments he shared his predicaments with the people who cared. He found comfort and refuge in sharing the struggles he was going through. That inspired him to want to make people feel free to share their struggles with professionals because it is one step towards recovery. In a statement, Phelps expressed his excitement for the opportunity to rally for mental health and promote Talkspace for the good work they are doing. Talkspace has been resilient in its efforts to avail readily therapy services to people across the country.

Founded in 2012 by Oren Frank and his partners, Talkspace has revolutionized the health industry by making it easy for people to access health services online. It has therapists who are ready to interact with patients affected by eating disorders, anxiety, family problems, post-traumatic stress, addiction and depression. Oren Frank is always looking for ways to deliver therapy services better. He is strengthened his team by bringing Neil Leibowitx on board.

Neil Leibowitx now serves as a chief medical officer and delivers medical prescriptions to patients through the web and the app. He is in-charge of building enterprise business. People can now access the services online even through videos.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy platform which has readily available licensed therapists. Patients can get the services online by talking to therapists in real time. Millions of people have used the services so far. It is continue to pursue its mission of making therapy services accessible to everyone across the country.

The Tale of Alastair Borthwick- A Classic Author

Alastair Charles Borthwick was born on February 17, 1913 and died September 25, 2003. He was a journalist, author, and broadcaster. Mr. Borthwick is famous for his books, Always a Little Further (1939), and Sans Peur (1949) later republished as Battalion in 1994.

He was born in Rutherglen but grew up in Troon. Later on, he moved Glasgow, where he went to school. Alastair Borthwick attended Glasgow High school, and at the age of 16 in 1929, he moved to work on Evening Times. He later moved to the Glasgow Herald where he wrote on various topics and created crossword puzzles. It was through the Herald that he discovered ‘Open Air’ that detailed rock climbing in the Scottish Highlands. Alastair took interest and wrote columns on favorite activity before later publishing his columns in Always a Little Further. Mr. Borthwick has initially moved to work for the Daily Mirror, in 1935, but moved back to Glasgow to work as a BBC radio correspondent.

During the Second World War, Alastair Borthwick served in different units and different ranks in the army. He served as private in the Highland Light Infantry, then a second lieutenant, and lance-corporal. He mainly worked as an intelligence officer. In his service as an intelligence officer, he was promoted to the rank of a captain where he led a battalion against the Germans. It was after the war that he published his book, Sans Peur, a tale of war from the perspective of a junior officer hence the high acclaim.

At the end of the war, Alastair and his wife moved to Jura. Alastair continued to broadcast for the BBC. He also fished and practiced crofting. In 1952, he relocated to Islay before going back to Glasgow to help with the Festival of Britain. In the 1960s, Alastair Borthwick went back to work for television and produced 150 half-hour programs for Grampian TV. His programs covered a wide range of programs. In the 1970s, the couple retired to Ayrshire on a hill farm. Later on, Alastair moved to a nursing home in Beith before passing on, five years later in 2003. Get your copy of Life Among the Scots by Borthwick here.

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