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A Hybrid World, Athlo And The Future Of Fitness



When you think of fitness, you likely imagine a world with just one type of mode. That would have been an accurate representation in the past as our society was made up largely of people who walked, jogged, did push-ups, and went on bike rides at the local park. But times are changing.

With smartphones becoming more and more prevalent in our lives, fitness can now encompass a wide range of activities while still fulfilling the basic requirement: moving your body to improve your quality of life. Athlo is a fitness app that recognizes the changing lifestyles of its users. It is a fitness app that has changed what it means to be in shape and become the standard with which other fitness apps are compared.

Athlo’s foundation is its integration of technology. Since its foundation, they have worked tirelessly to provide the best experience for its users. To do so, they’ve had to overcome many obstacles in mobile development. Athlos blends the time-honored fitness tradition with the latest technology while dramatically improving your workout experience. The app gives you a variety of activities to choose from, but it’s not necessarily sports-oriented, and it doesn’t require expensive equipment to work. And because of its innovative approach to fitness, it’s a great way for people who don’t exercise much at all to still get in some quality exercise.

Athlo Founder Matthew Mansell says, “The problem with fitness apps is that they’re either too sport-centered or not fan-based enough. We wanted ours to be both. We want to give you a fun and easy way to get in shape while still having a lot of choice and customization options.” Athlos is the only fitness app offering various activities, such as boxing, Pilates, and hiking.

Matthew Mansell and his team also understand that everyone is different, so they provide a wealth of customization options. The next fitness unicorn is finally here: Athlo, a fitness hybrid that allows you to keep your workouts fun, varied and challenging.

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More about Mansell on https://www.angel.co/matthew-mansell


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