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About Andrew Fame And The Birth Of Citizen Concept

Andrew Frame is the president and Owner of Citizen App, the first software to integrate location data with 911 expertise in order to maintain safety for people. In 2007, Andrew Frame was recognized as the best innovator below the age of thirty, most probably to impact the future of technology. Andrew Frame was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He left school as a teenager to establish and sustain his first digital firm internet service provider, which eventually grew to be Las Vegas’ most excellent.

Frame started his profession as a telecom infrastructure engineer. He began working for Cisco Systems as a service tech when he was 17 years old, and he later joined the Global Center of Expertise (GCOE) team, where he focused on networking engineering.

The origin concept of citizen

When Andrew Frame wanted to establish the next firm, he believed it was crucial for him to build a mission-driven project, consumer focused that could develop globally and perhaps make that world better. He realized that the world lacked a product that would employ technology to keep people safe whenever they were on the planet, and he concluded he needed to build a citizen.

How Andrew Fame Brings his thoughts to life

Andrew Fame says that he surrounds himself with smart and mission-driven people. His advice is to employ a team of more brilliant individuals. His Citizen App team is comprised of the most talented and considerate individuals, and he feels honored to work with them. Secondly, is by setting clear priorities. Andrew Fame pointed out that if he attempted to create all his concepts, he would not be able to; therefore, he involves his team. They strategically think about what they want to develop, reasons for creating it, and how it integrates into the goal of a worldwide community of people safeguarding one another. Go to this page for more information.


Find more information about Frame on https://www.inc.com/alexa-von-tobel/founder-of-citizen-andrew-frame.html


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