André Des Rochers´ High-profile Copyright Cases

André Des Rochers is a highly experienced entertainment and sports lawyer in Beverly Hills and New York. The entertainment lawyer has been a leader in his field for over two decades, and his career is the perfect example of how hard work and dedication can help anyone reach the heights of success.


In his career, André has worked on deals with some of the biggest names in the entertainment and sports industry. He has helped secure sales for celebrities and athletes and worked on the legal aspects of multi-million dollar contracts. Major studios, networks, and production companies have sought out the entertainment lawyer André Des Rochers´ expertise.


André is also well known for his expertise in copyright and licensing. He has been involved in numerous high-profile copyright and licensing cases and has been instrumental in helping protect his client’s intellectual property. As a result, André Des Rochers has earned his peers’ respect and his clients’ admiration.


André Des Rochers is also well known for his work with charities and organizations. The legal professional has been involved in several charitable causes throughout his career and has lent his legal expertise to many of these causes (Crunchbase). 


The specialized entertainment lawyer has also been involved in several boards and committees, including the board of directors of the Beverly Hills Bar Association. André Des Rochers is an inspiring example of how hard work and dedication can take you to success. His career is a testament to his commitment to excellence and his dedication to his clients. He is a highly respected figure in the entertainment and sports industry and continues to make a positive impact in the world.