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Bryan Legend Introduces’ #BARS’ – A New Concept for DeFi on Vulcan Blockchain

Bryan Legend, a crypto entrepreneur and co-founder of OOXY Labs, has introduced a new decentralized finance (DeFi) concept on the Blockchain, the platform he founded and leads as CEO. He calls it Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing (BARS) and claims it is a game changer for the industry. BARS is an auto-staking feature that automatically shares revenue with the Blockchain users, bypassing regulation and creating a win-win situation for the platform and its community.

Bryan Legend explained that BARS is based on the principle that user adoption, on-chain volume, and ecosystem expansion are the key drivers of a blockchain’s success, so integrating DeFi mechanics with blockchain technology is a revolutionary idea that has never been done before. Vulcan Blockchain is the world’s first auto-staking and auto-rebasing layer one blockchain that offers multiple passive income streams to its users. It uses a unique Vulcan Consensus algorithm that leverages proof of authority consensus to enable a fast, secure, scalable, and flexible crypto platform. Its native token, VUL, has an auto-rebasing mechanism that adjusts its supply every 15 minutes, making it a dynamic and deflationary token.

In addition to BARS, the Blockchain provides three other ways for users to earn passive income: Fixed, Flex, and PowerPool. Fixed is a 44% annual percentage rate (APR) automatically paid to VUL holders annually. Flex distributes 1% of fees from all VUL transactions accumulated during 24 hours across all users who hold at least VUL 1 in their wallet and claim their Flex reward. PowerPool distributes 2% of fees from all VUL transactions accumulated during 24 hours across all users who hold at least VUL 10 in their wallet and claim their PowerPool reward.

Bryan Legend hails from Brisbane, Australia, and has been involved in the blockchain and crypto space for over 10 years. He is a keen reader and researcher who stays on top of the latest trends and developments in information technology. He also has a knack for spotting opportunities and potential in the market. He said he enjoys seeing how his business solutions improve people’s lives.

Bryan is an impressive entrepreneur who combines passion, innovation, and social responsibility. He has created lasting value not only through his businesses but also through his philanthropic actions. He is changing the game with OOXY Labs and Vulcan Blockchain, redefining the future of finance with BARS in Australia and globally. Go Here for related Information.

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