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CEO Miki Agrawal Wants To Talk About It All

Miki Agrawal vision is to help women in an industry that they’re underrepresented and often treated poorly in. She’s the founder of THINX, a company that sells underwear designed to be leak-proof and comfortable for women who have periods and experiences sex or sexual touching during their time of the month. She is also the founder of Tushy, a company that provides reusable menstrual cups along with high-quality disposable pads. Agrawal’s company gained mass attention in 2015 when she spoke at TEDxWomen. She recently appeared on “” where she talks about her failures, her successes and the importance of female leadership.

Agrawal is a fourth generation entrepreneur. Her family started Kansai Agrochemical, a big player in pesticides manufacturing and product distribution in Japan. She spent many years taking up different leadership positions within the company before setting off to start her own ventures. Agrawal describes herself as a feminist; however, she doesn’t believe that feminism alone will solve all of the problems facing women today.

“I think that feminism is just one part of addressing these issues,” Agrawal said. “What’s important to me is that women have the platform to be able to make their own choices.” Miki Agrawal founded her brand, THINX , because she wanted something that addressed her specific needs and provided a “feminist-friendly version of tampons and pads.”

Miki Agrawal uses the slogan “periods are not a dirty secret” as a way of getting her company’s products in front of consumers. She said that she knows there are women who don’t like wearing pads or tampons, but she also knows they exist.

THINX has been selling its products online since 2012.

CEO and cofounder of Thinx, is a media-savvy supporter of body positivity. In her TED Talk, “The Power of Body Confidence,” Miki talks about how she took control of her life by taking the power back from the media and promoting positive body image.

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