Cloud Services Engineer Tom Keane Microsoft

Tom Keane is a director of engineering on the Windows team at Microsoft. He has been there since 2007 and is currently working on Microsoft’s desktop products. His career has had many turns, including stints at Rovi Corporation and Lexmark. He manages over 140 people across six different teams—a group that works closely with developers.


Also, it involves marketing professionals, graphic artists, and other community leaders bring out an experience that people love to use day after day. “While this outstanding technologies I work with and on are diverse, the actual work has to be done in a cross-functional, multi-cultural way that allows my team to be highly productive. The engineering organizations that I have worked with are good at building products but not necessarily at thinking about product teams. Tom Keane replies.


That is an important skill, and it’s a significant difference between doing great things, and just being OK.” says the cloud services engineer. The first time Tom Keane was interviewed for this blog was in June of 2009. Since then, he has had to deal with the “all hands on deck” mentality to get Windows 7 out the door. The road was not an easy one for the Windows team and it took all around huge effort to deliver a product perceived as critical by both consumers and IT Pros. 


Tom Keane on Mission Engineering

Since that time, the cloud services engineer has stayed busy with a major release of Internet Explorer 9, .NET Framework 4 (codenamed “Dublin”), work on some core infrastructure projects such as WinRT (Windows Runtime) and app-to-desktop scenarios that allow users to access first generation Metro style apps from within their desktop. And Tom Keane is involved at the delivery and expansion projects. 

There is more on Tom Keane´s career. Also, he is working on the next generation of these technologies such as WinRT—premised on the cloud with a new way of programming called HTML5. Tom’s work is not done; in fact, the work is just beginning. As a leader at Microsoft, Tom had to learn the art of decision-making, using his judgment and leadership skills to keep a team on track when they were faced with some pretty difficult challenges.