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Colcom Foundation: Problems with Human Overpopulation

Many causes of the ongoing extinction crisis exist today, but overpopulation is the chief cause. The Sixth Mass Extinction is occurring now despite all of our efforts to stop it. We have already exceeded Earth’s carrying capacity and are running out of the resources upon which we depend for our own life and success – resources such as fish stocks, fresh water, clean air and arable land.

The foundation has partnered with various organizations to support these efforts, including the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Scenic Pittsburgh, and the American Red Cross Southwestern Pennsylvania chapter. These partnerships have allowed the foundation to make a positive and lasting impact in the community and helped create a more vibrant and sustainable future for Southwestern Pennsylvania.

We have reached a point where Earth cannot produce enough for our incomes to continue growing. We are consuming resources at an unsustainable rate, and if current trends continue, Earth will not be able to sustain life as we know it.

  1. A Majority of Earth’s Species are Declining

A large percentage of the species that have existed on Earth have already gone extinct. This is due to a host of causes including deforestation and illegal hunting, but most significantly it is due to overpopulation.

  1. Earth’s Oceans Are Becoming Fewer and Fewer

The oceans are becoming more polluted, the water temperatures are rising, and they are being depleted of nutrients while fish populations decrease. All of this is due to overfishing.

  1. Earth’s Forests Are Disappearing as Well

It may feel like there are lots of trees around us and that they will always be there, but forests are disappearing at an alarming rate – especially when considering the deforestation that takes place for agriculture and for wood products.

  1. Floods, droughts, wildfires and other disasters are becoming more frequent and severe
  2. Plastic waste is wreaking havoc on the oceans and beaches

In the face of these prospects, Colcom Foundation delegates a large portion of its funds to the cause of population stabilization. This includes a fair number of organizations that one might consider “controversial” because they advocate for policies and behaviors that run counter to cultural norms. Nevertheless, Colcom Foundation is firmly committed to advancing this important endeavor regardless of public opinion.

Colcom Foundation believes that our only hope of surviving the Sixth Mass Extinction is to stabilize the human population. We must make this happen by taking strong measures that will not only reduce the number of people on Earth but also preserve a sustainable environment in which they can live.  Kindly click this page for more information.


To find out more, click the link: https://fconline.foundationcenter.org/fdo-grantmaker-profile?key=COLC002

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