Dr. Alddo Molinar’s Insights into How Passion Impacts Medical Careers

Anyone dreaming to venture into medicine can get sufficient advice to enable them to accomplish it. Introductions to the medical schools demonstrate the need for acquiring excellent grades, therefore, making students more appealing to the institutions to accrue the right and applicable knowledge after graduation. Even though these primers are comprehensive on means of accomplishing the objective, they fail to insist on the reasons for achieving medical education. Passion should be the driving power to succeeding in a medical career and assessing Dr. Alddo Molinar and his work can enable one to appreciate the reasons for becoming a physician. Any medical career is difficult; therefore, passion should be a crucial trait for anyone venturing into it. 

Alddo Molinar


Physicians’ schedules are overstretched, and in times of emergencies, they can be recalled back to work. When at work, the doctors can have a tough time because they interact with patients going through tough spells in their lives. Many physicians can also deal with patients in the blink of death. Therefore, as Alddo Molinar states, these intense realities can strain and stress a medical practitioner. Every doctor should be passionate to strengthen them and help them attend to the patients without giving up. When things seem tempting to despair, the passion gives the physicians conviction to remain steadfast because the patients count on them. With passion, a doctor can maneuver through the tough periods and chart the perfect direction. 


The physician is also motivated to toil more to achieve the goals. Therefore, if doctors follow their passion or even develop it, they can have successful medical careers. However, passion does not only come from one source but several life experiences. For example, he had an early experience when a relative tested positive for a complicated cancer. As a kid, Alddo Molinar was helpless as he witnessed the loved one suffer aggressive therapies that did not save his life. Therefore, Alddo noted the illness’ impact on the family and more so the patient. Molinar observed how the family member’s health worsened and the suffering became more severe. The pain was too much to bear. Therefore, Alddo Molinar felt that he needed to play a crucial role in saving the world.