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Dr. Bharat Lall-Pinnacle Hotels USA CEO

Barry Lall is the current chief executive officer and president of Pinnacle Hotels USA. He was born in a British Colony in southeastern Africa. He grew in a village that had no modern-day necessities like running water and electricity.

At teenage, his family moved to Zambia, where his father started a clothing store. Lall used to support his father as a salesman for the store, and sometimes his father could leave him to take charge of the storefront.

During this time, Dr. Barry Lall developed a great interest in entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, due to the instability of his family, he believed that only the best careers such as physician, lawyer, or engineer could offer him job security.

For this reason, he sought to pursue a medical career. After attaining his pre-med degree, Dr. Barry Lall moved to Scotland to further his education. He later moved to the US for his internship, where he later settled with his family.

Lall enjoyed diagnosing and treating patients; however, he found no satisfaction in this career. Dr. Barry Lall began thinking of career change, and he decided to venture into the hotel business.

Using his diagnostic abilities and people skills, he found a dilapidated motel, which he worked to restore its operations in California. However, Lall had to learn new skills for the smooth learning of his new venture.

Some of the skills he had to learn included using Excel software and cash register audits. During the early day of starting the hotel business, Lall had a lot of fun and stress-free life and never felt burdensome.

After learning what led to successful hotel business, he identified potential hotels and set them operational. By1998, Barry Lall had incorporated his entrepreneurial dream, Pinnacle Hotels USA.

Although his firm mainly focuses on selling properties, it still runs nine hotels in different locations. Dr. Bharat Lall also participates in social endeavors, including giving financial contributions to organizations like San Diego Public Library, the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Trust Fund, and San Diego State University.

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