Dr. Bharat Lall Reveals The Benefits Of His Wellness Journey

Dr. Bharat Lall, founder and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA, finds peace through meditation. The entrepreneur spent the first half of his building a successful business, but his mental and physical health suffered. He soon realized he needed to take care of himself. Lall went on a wellness journey and discovered meditation helped him personally and professionally.

Dr Bharat Lall believes entrepreneurs should use mediation to manage stress. He found many benefits to using meditation as a coping tool, including dealing with a fast-paced job and making social interactions easier. Entrepreneurs, according to Lall, can gain clarity and a level head to deal with challenges and other problems by meditating. The actual meditation process will vary from person to person, but the goal is the same. Meditation is a way to redirect your thoughts, quiet the mind, and focus.

Studies have shown meditation changes the brain and how it copes with stress. Before practicing meditation, Lall would be awake all night thinking about the day’s problems. By focusing on the moment, Lall learned to not fixate on things.

Studies show meditation can lengthen one’s attention span. Lall has discovered an increase in productivity thanks to meditation. Not only is it easier to focus, but he also has a better recall, which stops him from wasting time. He also uses meditation to help him sleep. Dr Barry Lall advises entrepreneurs to start their meditation journey slowly but be consistent.

About Dr. Bharat Lall

Dr. Lall came to the United States to give his family a better life. He practiced medicine at Chula Vista, California’s Kaiser Hospital. However, Dr Lall wanted a change. Late in 1980, Lall secured a loan to purchase his first hotel. In 1993, he started a hotel chain with friends called Pinnacle Hotels. The chain now has over 400 employees and makes over $40 million a year.

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