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Early Life And Biography Of Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is a wealthy American businessman. He is the well-known Chairman and CEO of Kraft Group. This company involves sports, entertainment, private equity, paper, and packaging. Robert K. Kraft was born on 5th June 1941, in Brookline, Massachusetts.

He’s been here for a long time. His most well-known clients include the New England Patriots of the NFL and the Revolution of Major League Soccer. He owns Gillette Stadium, which is home to both teams.

The Beginning of His Career

Robert Kraft serves on the boards of Viacom and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. He received his master’s degree from Columbia University. Robert Kraft is an emeritus and Boston College trustee.

Kraft attended Brookline High School. He graduated from Columbia University on a full scholarship in business administration in 1963. In 1965, Robert received his MBA from Harvard. He won several prizes there.

Robert Kraft played light football at Columbia University. Myra Kraft, a benefactor from Worcester, Massachusetts, was a Brandeis University graduate. Before the Patriots were founded in the 1960s, Kraft was a fan of the New York Giants.

Worcester-based Rand-Whitney Group, which is run by Hiatts, gave him his first national job. As chairman, Robert Kraft retains control of the company. In 1972, International Forest Products began manufacturing and selling paper products.

Paper and packaging companies are among the most profitable in the United States. International Forest Products was ranked 45th among US exports and imports by the Journal of Commerce in 2005. As a result, International Forest Products ranks among the top 100 US exporters and importers.

In 1986, Kraft assisted a number of Boston corporations in purchasing CBS TV station WNEV-TV (now NBC affiliate WHDH-TV).

Robert Kraft ensured his longevity in the entertainment industry by purchasing many radio stations in the Boston area. As a private equity investor, he invested in “Scott Sanders Productions,” a film and television production company. Refer to this page for additional information.


Learn more about Kraft on https://www.britannica.com/biography/Robert-Kraft


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