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Edgard Corona, the founder and CEO of Smart Fit

Edgard Corona is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He currently serves as CEO of Edgeline Systems, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup developing solutions for the insurance industry to help companies reduce their cybersecurity risk exposure. Mr. Corona has also acted as an executive at sizeable U.S.-based technology companies, including:

a)Oracle Corporation, where he was Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing;

b)Siebel Systems Inc., where he was President & Chief Executive Officer; PeopleSoft Inc., where he was President & Chief Operating Officer;

c)SAP America Inc., where he was Vice President of Applications Strategy; Sybase Incorporated (now part of SAP).

Mr. Corona holds two Master’s degrees from UC Berkeley.

a)Economics with distinction from its Haas School of Business;

b)another from UC Berkeley’s School Of Public Policy And Social Research at Boalt Hall School Of Law with high honors.

Edgard Corona is a Senior Consultant for IMI Consulting Group Inc., a business and technology consulting firm. He also serves as CIO of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Corona has over 20 years of experience in the field of smart fit, with roles at companies such as IBM and Accenture. He is also the originator and executive director of the Employer Accountability Project (EAP), which helps employees who have been victims of wage theft recover their unpaid wages. Edgard Corona is the CEO of Agile, a company that develops software for mobile phones. He has been active in the tech industry and is also known for his work as an angel investor.

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