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Exploring The Vision And Leadership Of Gino Pozzo

There is no denying that Gino Pozzo is an astute businessman. Not many football club owners can rival his ability to transform lower-division clubs into formidable football teams. The Watford football club owner is among the renowned people in European sports. Pozzo has lived in various countries including Italy, Spain, the United States, and the UK. He holds a master’s degree from Harvard.

Pozzo’s love for football is genetic. His father bought the Italian football club Udinese in 1986. The family is so invested in football that they have sold some of their businesses to invest in the sport. When they bought Udinese, the club was performing poorly, even financially. Under Pozzo’s father, however, the club qualified for the lucrative Champions League after three seasons.

When Gino Pozzo joined Udinese in 1993, he greatly influenced many of the decisions the club made. He introduced the scouting-driven style which propelled the club to great success. Pozzo also influenced the family into buying the Spanish football club Granada. Thanks to his hands-on approach, the football club played in La Liga after only two years under Pozzo.

When the Pozzo family bought Watford Football Club in 2012, the English football club was struggling, and their best days were over. After less than five years under Pozzo however, Watford joined the EPL. In 2016, Pozzo sold his Granada FC shares to Link International Sports’ owner Jiang Lizhang.

One of the benefits the Pozzo family gets from owning many football clubs is trading players among them. As a football club owner, Pozzo understands the importance of being open-minded especially when signing new players and hiring coaches. Football keeps evolving and one needs to be a proactive thinker. Club owners also need to build a robust infrastructure so that it does not destabilize when a coach leaves. Although the Hornets have had many managers since Pozzo took over, they have maintained their overall approach to player recruitment and development. The club focuses on developing young players and emphasizes teamwork in the process. See this article for additional information.


More about Pozzo on https://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/sport/20586824.watford-owner-trying-grow-club-not-sell/


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