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Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens might be the brains behind Fortress Investment Group in New York but it is not as easy as he makes it look. So what is his secret to making his business succeed?

Well, he was born in Oregon & made sure to get the best grades he could when he was in high school. He was determined to get into Oregon state but was not sure if he would be able to bring this to fruition. But he soon got a letter of acceptance from OSU at which point he decided to go for a BS in finance.

As a kid, he was good at skiing but soon opted to abandon that in favor of a career in the world of finance. As he got to campus, he did not know what type of degree he wanted to get but soon opted to go with economics in the end.

He later graduated with a BS in business at which point he opted to go to work at one of the local firms in the area. He did not know if he would like it at first but it soon got to the point where he enjoyed it.

After a few years, he knew he was ready to open his own company but was not sure what he wanted to call it. He soon got the idea to go with the name fortress investment group & it was not long before it caught on.

But he still needed a place for their HQ which is why he moved to New York to find the perfect building. He knew it would not be easy but soon found a great space for fortress investment group. He is now married with 4 kids & still works at fortress investment group in NYC. To know more click: here.

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