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Health Carousel Is Regarded As a Top MidSize Company

In the past 13 years, Health Carousel has overgrown in the dynamic healthcare employment market. According to chief marketing officer John Sebastian, the Norwood company’s attraction as a place to work is driven mainly by the fact that there is still space for growth.

Many businesses are vying for market share in healthcare staffing. The analysis and research company, The Beige Market Intelligence Report, named five key players: AMN Healthcare, CHG Healthcare, Cross Country Healthcare, Jackson Healthcare, and Maxim Healthcare. By 2021, the business is predicted to grow to around $28 billion, according to the market analysis. Sebastian explained, “That means there’s lots of room for us to develop into one of the key players.

Health Carousel was established in Cincinnati in 2004 by staffing entrepreneur J. William DeVille. Health Carousel employs more than 1,350 doctors and nurses, who use the company to accept temporary tasks at hospitals around the nation and abroad, thanks to the purchase of smaller businesses.

I’ve been quite popular on social networks. Then when I searched up the organization on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, there was so much discussion about what they were accomplishing domestically and the friendliness that I kind of got the impression that everyone there was thrilled to be there, according to Bertrams. “You don’t see many people getting together and sharing that often. That kind of spoke to me the strongest.

The company’s management, according to Bertrams, encourages all employees to “be the best that you can be… The teamwork with coworkers is good for the individuals that I get to work with. The very reason we create partnerships is so that people’s choices and capabilities can be combined.

In addition to premises in East Walnut Hills, Dayton, Ohio, and Columbus, the company has its headquarters on two stories of the Rookwood Pavilion in Norwood, where another 335 workers do support-related duties. According to Sebastian, when the business hires additional employees, administrators plan to expand into a different Norwood facility. And the atmosphere is youthful and active.

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