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How Mirabaud Makes Supporting Art Sustainable

The art world is an exciting place—and one that’s facing more challenges than ever. One of the most vital challenges is sustainability. The question is how to keep art as a sustainable venture while still bringing in enough money to pay artists and support art-making.

Luckily, Mirabaud offers an answer with its commitment to supporting artists and preserving the earth. In this post, we’ll uncover how the Foundation works to keep art and science alive.

For over a century, the family has been at the forefront of the banking industry in Switzerland. But they’re also art collectors who have been sharing their artistic passions with the world for generations. The Company specialized in supporting industrialists and entrepreneurs, making it an influential force in helping develop Swiss business.

The Company doesn’t just support the business. The Foundation also supports its artistic passions. One of its many projects is the Mirabaud Arts Program, which grows and supports artists worldwide.

Mirabaud aims to “provide access to an international ‘artistic’ network of support, peer recognition and professional development, through which artists can express their art freely.”

How does the Arts Program work?

The program provides artists with space and equipment at no charge. It’s completely independent—so artists don’t have any marketing or other expenses. The program also offers independent financial support to those who need it, looking first at the artist’s previous contributions to the arts. But the program doesn’t just support artists. It also supports art critics and curators.

The program helps artists by providing them with opportunities, funding, and marketing. It also provides them with an in-house team of experts who help artists navigate the treacherous waters of exhibition creation, professional development and networking. Lastly, the Group offers a platform for the expression of art to the public through exhibitions and events.

The Mirabaud Arts Program is unique to Switzerland, but it’s worth highlighting because it’s sustainably helping artists. While the program seems like a great support system for many artists, it’s also an educational opportunity for the general public. In this way, their Arts Program is practically a gift to future generations of art enthusiasts. You can click this page for more information.


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