How Roland Dickey Jr Has Continued To Build The Legacy Of Dickey’s Restaurant

Dickey Capital Group is one whose story of becoming is worth telling. Starting as a single-chain restaurant by Travis Dickey, the restaurant has grown to have franchise locations internationally. The family-owned business was run by the founders, Travis Dickey, and his wife, for over two decades before handing over to their sons.

Roland’s father and uncle took over and grew it from being a single restaurant to more locations within Texas. Roland Dickey Jr. was then handed authority in 2006 and since then built the company to be a success. Below are some factors that made him scale up through the years.

Standards on Quality

Roland Dickey Jr. notes that as CEO of the company, he has ensured the maintenance of quality throughout its franchise locations. Dickey Barbecue Restaurants are best known for their slow-smoked meat, which is a popular cuisine in all their locations. From the main branch to franchise locations in different cities far from Dallas, all serve the best quality meat with fresh vegetable sides.

Investment in Information Technology

Roland Jr discovered a link between information technology and consumer data could prove beneficial to the company. He worked with his wife, Laura Rea to invent Smoke Stack which collects information from streams like customer surveys and marketing promotions. The information is then analyzed and used to enhance decision-making.

Learning from Mistakes

Roland Dickey Jr. Net Worth made it a point not to dwell on problems he encountered while managing Dickey’s Capital Group. For instance, he took the opportunity to implement the company making their sausages. This was after the company faced shortages after their suppliers were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Through this, he was able to cut on costs which were initially presented by transport and buying sausages.

Going against the Flow

Initially, local cuisines were known to be popular among regions. Roland Dickey saw this as an opportunity to expand the Texas cuisine of slow-smoked meat into other regions. He accomplished it by expanding from 20 to over 400 locations all over the United States. Click here to learn more.


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