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IM Academy

IM Academy is a digital education company that offers online courses that impart fundamental knowledge of the Forex market. To instruct its students, the business uses live interactive content backed by a vast collection of previously taped and app-based data and information. The academy offers investors who are passionate about the industry a platform to learn about the Forex trading world with considerable ease. Forex experts Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre founded a tiny start-up in 2013 as independent business owners.

IM Academy Products

It offers an extensive suite of courses in the form of academies. Some of the most popular products include videos that aid in improving trading techniques, short courses on Forex fundamentals and strategies that compile all of their online data into one place.

FRX Academy

Using videos and engaging GoLive sessions, the FRX Academy instructs new students in the fundamentals of currency exchange.

HFX Academy

Students can learn more about high-frequency exchange at the HFX academy. High-frequency exchange fundamentals are covered in the course materials, along with other analytical techniques.

.DCX Academy

Students can learn about digital currency exchange and the fundamentals of trading in DCX at the DCX academy.

ECX Academy

Students are taught how to create and run an online business at the ECX academy, which concentrates on e-commerce.

IM sales strategy

The IM Academy develops sales plans for its products to meet the needs of its students. Here it relies on networking as a means of marketing.

It is one of the few online platforms for training and education in the Forex market and does not come across as mediocre game-playing software. Rather, the academy’s professional approach to trading is proven through its all-inclusive educational offerings developed over time. The company offers courses for students ranging from beginners to professionals looking to hone their skills. The academy’s products are geared towards giving informed traders an edge over the general trading public. See for additional information.


Visit their LinkedIn profile on https://www.linkedin.com/company/imarketslive-agencia


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