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IM Academy, The Online Forex Educational Platform

IM Academy is an online professional forex investing course that teaches what you need to know to trade in the foreign exchange markets while earning a profit. The course starts with the basics and gradually moves to more advanced topics like technical analysis. In particular, the academy teaches how traders can use a combination of price pattern recognition, Forex Trading strategies, and market psychology for playing the forex market.

IM Academy Teaches the Necessary Skills to Prosper in Foreign Trading

The course teaches you how to determine and trade the correct price patterns. From there, you can understand how to use technical analysis to exploit the market psychologically. Market psychology is a crucial aspect of trading in general, and forex is no exception. You need to know when you should buy or sell, what kind of price pattern you should be looking for, or which strategy you should employ – there are dozens of different possibilities, and this, in sum, makes up what trading is. IM Academy also uses live interactive content to show students how the market works.

Regulatory Compliance

IM Academy is no registered or licensed stockbroker in any country or industry. It is an online education company and has no regulatory body of its own. Because of this, it is essential for anyone who wishes to participate in their courses for real to understand the risks involved. The academy has an internal team that monitors the effectiveness of the academy educators, the currency pairs being traded, and the student’s performance.

Videos and Live Interactive Webinars

IM Academy uses videos and lives interactive webinars to teach traders how to play the forex market. This enables students to learn by watching traders make their trades or by seeing them explain the methodology behind making a trade. In addition, students can ask questions and interact with teachers and other students as they go through course exercises. Refer to this article for additional information.


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