Inside the Life of Tim Murawski

Tim Murawski may be an executive over at MedTech, but he also appreciates having a good time. MedTech is a company that focuses on robot-assisted operations. When healthcare expert Tim Murawski isn’t making revolutionary inventions in the tech and medical world, he’s spending his time traveling the world, skiing, and his various sports cars. 


Tim Murawski Shares his Top Travel Destinations



Although a man of many hobbies, traveling is one of his true passions. Nothing can stop him from traveling. Since the pandemic put a roadblock in his way during 2020, he intends to rejuvenate his love for travel in 2022. In fact, Tim Murawski recently shared his top travel destinations. He expressed great interest in returning to Thailand in the near future. 


He mentioned that it has incredibly cheap street food, incredible sightseeing, and a lot more to take in. Secondly, he said he’d like to visit Bali, Indonesia. According to Tim Murawski, Indonesia has a variety of different landscapes, great hiking, and incredible diving experiences. 


New Zealand was the final location he expressed interest in visiting in 2022. He said his favorite thing about New Zealand was its pristine environment. For Tim Murawski, it has everything from glaciers to almost tropical beaches. He also mentioned black water rafting, a type of rafting that involves navigating through underground cave systems.