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Inspiration by Alejandro Betancourt

Have you ever thought about millionaires? Alejandro Betancourt is a self-made millionaire. Alejandro was raised in the streets of South America. Alejandro Betancourt had to learn how to make something of himself. He did everything from selling candy to owning his own company. Alejandro story is one of the pure stories with invaluable lessons. He had to learn to make something out of nothing. Proving that you can make something out of nothing. It takes time, work, and dedication. Alejandro Betancourt was able to attend Suffolk University Massachusetts. While he was there, he received a double major with economics. Minor in business administration. Specialized area of international trade.

Alejandro Betancourt was a major shareholder in an oil company. The company was Pacific Exploration Production. This company knew and invested a lot of time getting to know everything they could about crude oil and natural gas. The company operates in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Guyana, Guatemala, and Belize. Alejandro Betancourt was also the Director of trade for Latin America. His job was to manage relationships with Latin American clients.

Alejandro has done a number of amazing things. A more know company that he founded and is the largest shareholder of is Spain Auro Travel. This company was not even in existence before he built it from the ground up. This company was created with the intent to compete against companies like Uber and Cabify. In Spain to operate your company regarding driving. You must have individual vehicle licenses. These licenses are not available in abundance. Because Alejandro knew the situation regarding the licenses. He knew he had to take a substantial risk and acquire these licenses before the company was successful. He had complete faith that his company would be successful. In fact, it was very successful to the point that he was able to create an extension to his company known as Auro Travel Arrow. This extension deals with acquiring the licenses for companies like Uber and Cabify to operate in the Spanish markets. Alejandro story has many parts to it, but the lesson stays the same. If you want something for yourself anything is possible with determination and challenging work and more


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