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 Kelcy Warren, Chairman and CEO of Energy Transfer

Kelcy Warren, Chairman and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, has contributed to a net worth of $4.6 billion according to Forbes, and his company is a recipient of multiple awards for environmental consideration. He has led the company in creating new business opportunities such as its planned expansion into developing refining installations in Mexico. In addition, he has helped numerous organizations, charities and causes.

Kelcy Warren father, Ralph Warren, was a Texas oil and gas developer. He grew up in the oil and gas business and was involved in a variety of companies which were later merged into what is now Energy Transfer Partners. Kelcy has said that his father gave him “the best education that money can buy” while he was growing up.

Warren’s first job was as the Secretary of Development at his father’s company Howard Energy Corp., which had merged with another company which became Texaco Inc. He was the Secretary of Finance at Texas Energy Corp., which became Texaco Phillips. In 1972, Warren joined Kerr-McGee Corporation and worked in the chemical unit.

In 1983, Kelcy Warren joined Tenneco as Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer; in 1987 he became Vice President of Special Projects. In 1990, he was promoted to become executive vice president and in 1992, he became president of Tenneco’s energy group. Some of this time Tenneco was involved in a scandal in the Netherlands, where it was alleged that the company had paid bribes to win drilling rights.

In 2006, Kelcy Warren founded Energy Transfer Partners and has served as chairman and CEO since its inception. The company specializes in developing and managing diversified energy infrastructure in North America. ETP’s portfolio includes natural gas storage, natural gas pipelines, gathering systems, crude oil pipelines, condensate return lines (conduits), petroleum products storage, terminal operations and motor freight transportation. See this page for more information.


More about Warren on https://www.bloomberg.com/billionaires/profiles/kelcy-l-warren/

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