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Laura Rea Dickey Numerous Accomplishments

The global community has experienced very good technology advancements in the recent years. Powerful and highly influential companies such as Dickeys Barbecue have discovered ways of using this technology in their businesses. These organizations understand the benefits of business intelligence more than ever. With the internet of things, artificial intelligence and machine learning, companies are able to collect big data, and they are using it to grow their establishments.

In an article entitled “Evolve or Fail: CEO Laura Rea Dickey on the Mantra that Helped Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants Thrive”, the Dickey’s CEO discussed how she transformed the company’s marketing strategy, integrating it with the technological innovations of the information age such as big data and artificial intelligence.

Laura Rea Dickey made some serious observation concerning data years ago. The entrepreneur and career woman noticed that humanity collects over three quintillion data every day. All of the data, when used in a great way, can assist businesses to analyze and at the end of the day interpret data into great actionable insights. Failing to collect data and analyze it for your company operations is preparing to fail in your industry.

Laura Rea Dickey first months of operations at the Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant taught her some great lessons. The talented woman got into the family business to work as a consultant. The family wanted to make their business prosper in the competitive global market. The best way to assist her husband in growing the company was through joining the team.

Laura Rea Dickey, one of the few women in top positions in the corporate department, has shocked the industry because of her skills. Laura’s passion in technology has helped the company to understand its customers in a great way. The data generated every day from customers coming in to the prestigious restaurant has been used by the organization to make the most crucial decisions about the platform.

Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth has always been a determined and disciplined professional since the time she joined the corporate word. The love she has for the family establishment, however, is what makes her work hard every day to make her company thrive. See related link for more information.


Find more information about her on https://www.franchisetimes.com/franchise_news/get-to-know-dickey-s-bbq-ceo-and-why-she-d-nix-ketchup/article_ce7aaace-a1ea-11eb-82cd-d3a825092be1.html


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