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Mark Hauser Spotlights Private Equity Transactions

Mark Hauser is the co-managing partner of Hauser Private Equity, a private equity management firm. Hauser Private Equity specializes in distressed and turnaround situations. Mark Hauser has 40 years of experience as an investment banker, senior executive, independent investor, and entrepreneur. He is a seasoned board member with expertise in corporate strategy, capital structure; financial modeling; real estate development, mergers, and acquisitions, including debt syndication; bankruptcy reorganization; IPO issuances, and trading securities. Here will detail how private equity transactions work, how they are executed acconding to Mark Hauser

Profile of a Private Equity Investment Transaction

Mark Hauser believes that the primary reasons for using private equity are superior strategies that reduce risk and the ability to retain greater control over operations than larger publicly traded companies. Private equity gives investors greater power in an investment transaction, allowing the owner’s business growth to be done more comprehensively. Private equity transactions can also assist businesses in seeking more capital from existing shareholders or outside sources.

Performing Exhaustive Due Diligence

One of the biggest mistakes investors make is not performing due diligence. Doing due diligence enables an investor to take full advantage of the business, identify weaknesses, and avoid costly mistakes that could damage a business. Due diligence is completed using legal advisors, accountants, and market analysts to examine financial statements and information on industry trends. Due diligence includes researching the target company with public sources, including the SEC’s EDGAR database, relevant industry associations, management team members; vendors and customers; competitors; industry contacts; attorneys, and bankers.

According to Mark Hauser, Private equity investments have become increasingly popular. Many people are turning to private equity firms to invest in a better future. Private equity transactions can be challenging to complete, especially involving many people. However, working with a private equity firm is well worth the benefits.

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