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Miki Agrawal Uses Exceptional Strategies to Become a Top Entrepreneur

Miki Agrawal is a renowned businessperson who has received numerous awards for her exceptional entrepreneurial skills since 2016. She is also the founder of the WILD pizza concept that encourages pizza lovers in Guatemala and NYC to consume those made using healthy ingredients. She hopes to have more outlets and get more clients for healthy snacks.

Miki Agrawal is also the co-founder of THINX, a leading underwear company. As the firm’s CEO, Ms. Agrawal led it to become one of the most innovative in 2007. While at it, women in their millions benefited from the brand by enjoying their special days better, thanks to the period-proof underwear.

She also co-founded Icon, a company that manufactures pee-proof underwear with bladder leakage problems. Recently, Miki Agrawal started TUSHY, which makes and distributes high-quality, modern, and affordable bidet attachments for better human hygiene and health. The bidet attachments also encourage a clean and safe environment through the reduction of toilet paper used. Ms. Agrawal collaborates with Samagra to fight against sanitation problems by donating latrines to struggling Indian communities.

Ms. Agrawal Talks About the Secret to Becoming Relevant In This Age

Ms. Agrawal believes one should strive to evolve to become impactful in this generation. She shares her insights in a funny and inspiring talk and explains how to become creative to remain ahead of their competitors.

Miki Agrawal shares her experiences and practices that enabled her to create brands in hundreds of millions in categories that seemed impossible. She also talks about her way of doing things that inspired people to use her strategies for success.

Additionally, Ms. Agrawal explains how she creates brands that beat others in the competitive digital and advertising market. She plans to share the best PR management strategies through creativity and modern designs in the future.


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