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Miki Agrawal’s Mission in Creating Eco-Friendly Toilets

Miki Agrawal’s Mission in Creating Eco-Friendly Toilets

Agrawal’s interest in creating environmentally friendly toilets stemmed from her personal experience. She often visited rural areas in India where people use open defecation. This caused severe health problems for the people living there and environmental issues because of the lack of sanitation.


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After graduating from college, Miki Agrawal started working on her idea for a sustainable toilet. She worked on her project for years, developing prototypes and doing market research. In 2013, she launched ToiletTree and began selling eco-toilets around the world.

Agrawal is determined to make a difference in the world by promoting sustainable sanitation practices. She aims to help people everywhere live healthier lifestyles and simultaneously protect the environment.

How Miki’s Eco Toilet Works

In India, more than 600 million people do not have access to toilets. This means that most of the population must go outdoors to relieve themselves. This causes a lot of adverse health effects, including diarrhea and malaria. Miki Agrawal is determined to help solve this problem.

Miki Agrawal created the Eco Toilet, a self-cleaning toilet that uses renewable resources. The bathroom consists of two tanks. The first tank collects urine and feces, and the second recycles the water back into the environment. This process eliminates the need for sewage treatment plants, which can be very expensive. Miki Agrawal is also working on a solar-powered model of the Eco Toilet.

Agrawal is the founder and CEO of Sanitary Supply Chain Management (SSCM), a consulting and training company specializing in improving sanitation systems across developing countries. Agrawal’s work focuses on creating healthy, sustainable communities by addressing challenges such as inadequate sanitation infrastructure and poor waste management.

Agrawal found that traditional toilets were not providing the level of hygiene necessary for her community. Standard toilets use harmful chemicals and bacteria to cleanse themselves, which can lead to serious health risks for residents.

The Future of the Eco Toilet

Her mission is to make toileting more environmentally friendly for everyone, and she is making progress. Toilets have a significant impact on the environment. It takes around three liters of water to produce one toilet flush, which means that flushing your toilet uses much water. And because toilets are often used by people who don’t have access to other forms of sanitation, they can contribute significantly to environmental pollution.

Foundation of TUSHY

Tushy debuted in January 2016 with a cutting-edge bidet attachment that transforms any regular toilet into a precise shower for your privates. Bustle considers TUSHY “the best favor you can do for your bottom” (and medical professionals concur); Metro believes it “may transform the way we poo forever.” Our customers declare it their “favorite buy ever.” Goop claims it is “about time the bidet made a comeback.”

Using TUSHY instead of traditional toilet paper prevents ecological and sanitary crises. Plus, it takes just one tree to make a roll. If everyone in America used TUSHY, we would save a million trees annually.

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