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Mo Katibeh Finds Success At The Intersection of Tech and Innovation

Mo Katibeh is one of the most esteemed and recognizable leaders in the technology industry. Mo Katibeh, RingCentral’s President and Chief Operating Officer, is an industry icon. With nearly 25 years of work experience in the telecommunications, network, and mobile industries, Katibeh has been at the forefront of building and leading truly transformative companies. As a leader eager to guide businesses towards digital transformation at an unprecedented scale, Katibeh is helping RingCentral connect hundreds of millions of phone lines worldwide each year to drive innovation throughout the industry.

  1. About Mo Katibeh Career Experience

Mo Katibeh is president and chief operating officer at RingCentral, a leading cloud-based business communications solutions provider. Katibeh played a key role in the company’s acquisition of the market-leading supplier of email-to-text solutions, RingCentral, and most recently oversaw that transaction. Most of Katibeh’s career has been devoted to the mobile, network, and telecommunications sectors. At some of the most renowned technology companies in the world, Katibeh honed his skills.

  1. Mo Katibeh’s Multifaceted RingCentral Role

Katibeh is in charge of the day-to-day operations at RingCentral. The company’s rapid growth and advanced technology ensure that Katibeh’s leadership is key to RingCentral’s continued success. Katibeh still retains his previous responsibilities as a chief operating officer, where he served American clients while continuing to expand his influence within the industry.

  1. 3. Mo Katibeh Puts New Technologies in Perspective

Katibeh has developed a keen understanding of technology’s impact on business and is uniquely able to identify opportunities throughout the industry and beyond. Katibeh is influencing other industry leaders with his perspective on what’s next for the business world. Katibeh’s influence within RingCentral has helped maintain a strong position within the communications industry, specifically within cloud-based solutions.

Katibeh’s exceptional career demonstrates that any opportunities that arise must be taken advantage of. Katibeh’s leadership and vision led to Rington’s success as a leading provider of cloud-based technology solutions. Technology shouldn’t be ignored as a means to tremendous business success; it can change the world in many ways.

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