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New Fortress Energy CEO Wes Edens Has Been Termed as the ‘Raider’ Who Took Over Morrisons

In the whole Birmingham area the name Wes Edens is a household name. One of the reasons why Wes Edens is widely known in Birmingham is what he did to football fans who had almost lost their team when Aston Villa. For many years, the team, which has taken part in the prestigious EPL, has had a profound reputation in and around the area. However, a sudden turn of events took place, forcing the team to be relegated and even lose sponsorship. Were it not for Wes Edens, the current Fortress Investment CEO, the team would be a forgotten thing.

Already known for his interest in various investments in the city and other major towns in the United Kingdom, it was expected that Wes Edens would show his interest in the giant grocery. True to many people’s expectations, when the giant chain store was put up for grabs, the Fortress Investment CEO was among those who showed burning interest in the deal. As to whether he will win and actually save the grocery from trouncing is a matter of wait and see.

However, on what looks like a done deal, there is news cutting across the United Kingdom that the US may be on its way to winning the bid. Hitherto, nobody has come out clearly to mention with certainty if the US firm is actually Fortress Investment. Nonetheless, as things are, chances are that the news may be true because Wes Edens is perhaps the only one in the bid representing Fortress Investment Group, a firm that has been adversely mentioned as the bids get tighter. According to the news, Morrisons has accepted a whopping £9.5 billion from a US firm. If what the news says is true and happens to point to Wes Edens’ firm, then his name will continue to be bigger in England as a man who is interested in salvaging failing enterprises.

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