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Philip Belamant Ushers In New Payments Option With Zilch

Philip Belamant Ushers In New Payments Option With Zilch

Payments company Zilch announces the Zilch SDK for iOS and Android developers that will allow developers to integrate Zilch payments into their apps.

The launch is a result of a collaboration between Philip Belamant, CEO of Digital Innovation Group, which includes the Citrix Startup Accelerator in Silicon Valley, and Asia Innovations Group (AIG). The SDK will be hosted on GitHub.Philip Belamant is a serial entrepreneur, having founded several companies in South Africa and abroad, including Dialer+ (South Africa), Rocket Software (United States), Digital Innovation Group (United States), and Zilch.

Zilch enables customers to make micropayments for digital content like stickers, images, or videos. The developer will set the item’s price, and then the customer can purchase multiple items at that price or less with one or more purchases. For example, if a developer sets a cost of R2 for an app icon, it’s possible to purchase multiple icons at R1 each with one payment for an R3 total.

The Zilch Development Kit will enable software developers to embed the payment functionality into their apps.

Philip Belamant said: “The SDK will be available on GitHub to have other developers contribute to the project and make it more robust. We are also encouraging developers to create plugins for the Zilch API since we want our customers to be able to send us suggestions on what they would like us to add or improve.”

“Philip Belamant has all the ingredients to be a successful entrepreneur. He is a serial entrepreneur and was born with tremendous common sense. He is a good listener who is ready to embrace any good idea. Philip has proven himself in the past and will prove himself again in the future,” said Sachie Booysen, COO of Zilch.

“Philip is the right person to be at the helm of a payments company, and I wish him luck. He will undoubtedly shake up the industry. I am looking forward to seeing more digital innovation from Philip blatant,” said Sachie Booysen, COO of Zilch.


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