RAINN: Combatting Sexual Assault Empowering Survivors 

Sexual assault, abuse, and violence are devastating experiences for survivors, and 24/7 support is essential. RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Networks), a leading anti-sexual violence organization, is committed to helping survivors find solace and justice. The organization provides a telephone hotline for victims of sexual violence.


In 1994, Scott Berkowitz founded RAINN to run a Sexual Assault Hotline, available 24/7, offering confidential support to survivors nationwide. The hotline employs highly trained professionals who offer survivors guidance, compassionate listening, and crisis intervention. The company works with other organizations to strengthen response and prevention programs and hold perpetrators accountable.

However, Berkowitz realized the group needed to think bigger and teach people how to prevent and support one another. The organization now works directly with schools, government agencies, and businesses on preventing and responding to sexual violence. This expansion gave RAINN the ability to tackle both the big picture and have a direct impact on institutions.

Scott Berkowitz Approach

The key to addressing sexual assault is education. Scott Berkowitz’s vision led to creating this hotline, allowing survivors to get immediate help and begin healing. He noticed a change in the media’s perception of sexual assault and the public discourse surrounding it.

RAINN is careful not to accuse survivors of victim-blaming to prevent survivors from believing they are responsible for the assault. The organization learns and adapts its approach to remain relevant to young people since many victims are under 30 years old. The organization looks forward to the future as students are more willing to tell their stories via social media. This is a positive development, as it will increase reporting rates and improve law enforcement response.


RAINN has become a leading voice against sexual violence. The organization has created an effective healing and empowerment network by combining direct support, advocacy, research, and education. In addition to providing solace and support to survivors, RAINN is committed to making sexual violence a thing of the past.