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Richard Liu – An Inspiring Story Of An Inspiring Leader

Richard Liu is the founder of the famous Chinese food delivery service Dumpling.com, which operates in over six cities in China and is under Huawei Technologies Holding Limited. Richard Liu was born in Brooklyn, New York, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Computer Science and Entrepreneurship degree. He spends his time between Shanghai and New York City.

His Achievements

Richard Liu has achieved a great deal in his lifetime. He founded an education company on campus at Penn, which eventually was sold in 2007 to Blackboard; he later went on to found a consulting firm in China, which was then later bought out by the Stanford Consulting Group; and finally, he founded dumpling.com where it is now one of the largest food businesses in China. Liu also sits on the board at Huawei and is a venture partner of Sequoia Capital and Joy Capital Fund.

His Vision

Qiangdong’s vision is to help the world with information. The internet has made a massive difference in the world, and Liu wants to use that to help other people. When asked what his most significant accomplishment was, Liu responded, “building a company and growing it into something that can become a force for good, preparing it for a long future where it can do better in the world.”

Liu Qiangdong has a highly innovative way of thinking about business and problems, reflected through his methods when starting up dumpling.com. He has a method that he calls ‘The Kiss.’ Liu describes the kiss as being his “inspiration for the dumpling,” where he and his friends kiss ten times to create their idea for what they want in life. Liu believes this is a great way to get an idea of what you want in life because it brings variety to your idea and leaves room for multiple possibilities.

Liu uses this to his advantage when starting up dumpling.com, an idea where he has taken a universal symbol of food and turned it into something more exacting. See related link for additional information.


More about Richard Liu on http://richardliu.wikidot.com/



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