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Robert Kraft And His Many Accomplishments

Robert Kraft was born in 1941 in a little city called Brookline. This city is in Massachusetts; this state means a lot to Kraft.

Folks who know anything about American business might have heard of Robert Kraft, and it makes sense. He is quite impressive as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of a holding company that bears his name: The Kraft Group.

The group is pretty diverse. It has assets dealing with things like paper to packaging. It also holds real estate development, and it even has a private equity portfolio, yet none of those compare to what The Kraft Group is most known for.

It doesn’t take long to find out that Robert Kraft is a fan of sports. If anyone spends time with him, this will be obvious, especially after learning that this group holds the New England Patriots. Yes, Kraft owns the famous and beloved National Football League team.

He doesn’t only own the football team just mentioned. Kraft also owns the New England Revolution soccer team.

This team is quite popular amongst Major League Soccer fans because they always bring their A game to each match. Many of their players end up playing for the USA soccer team when the world cup comes around, which tells you how talented this team is.

Robert Kraft also owns the Gillette Stadium where some of the most exciting sports games take place. As you can see, the man loves sports just as much as he seems to love business. This is evident due to his success and his activity in the business sector. He is a member of the Board of Directors for both Viacom and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Kraft is also involved in entertainment. He’s invested in things like radio, film, theater, and even television. He owns the Scott Sanders Production company.

Kraft is definitely a man of vision and a man that will only continue to do great things in the United States and for the folks who benefit from his accomplishments. Go to this page for more information.


Follow his Twitter page on https://twitter.com/robertkraft0?lang=en


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